Red Hazard : Truck Alert System for Pedestrians and Other Vehicles Safety

There are times when walk signal is off and it can be very dangerous especially when you walk at a cross road, not knowing if there’s a vehicle turning nearby or not. Red Hazard is an alert system for both pedestrians and drivers, it informs them if a truck is turning nearby as well as indicates the zone rear of which the truck will swing.

When a truck makes a left or right turn, there’s a small zone within turning radius of the cab where the rear part of truck will swing. This area is pretty dangerous zone and might hit unsuspecting pedestrians or other vehicles in close range, the longer the truck, the bigger the zone. Red Hazard emits red light that covers danger area to alert pedestrians or other drivers before a truck completes the turn, in this way, they can stay away from this area.

Designers : Chen Yan-Ting, Chao Shao-Lun and Lin Hung-Jung

Red Hazard Alert System for Truck

Red Hazard Alert System for Truck

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