Libelula Rocket Powered Helicopter

Remember the game DAVE you played in your childhood, and you always wanted to fly like Dave using the jet pack. Or let me put it this way: you always wanted to fly like a bird in the air without the use of a jet or a plane. If it is so then, here is the solution for you, the rocket powered helicopter. The rocket powered helicopter is a brilliant and a fantastic way to show your bravery.

The structure of the model goes like this: it has two hydrogen fuel cans which will be fitted to your back, a glass helmet to cover your face, a steel rod coming from the cans and reaching your hand with blades present on top of them. A rocket present at the tips of the blades enables the helicopter to work without the use of tail rotor. We are very excited about the product and waiting for its launching day. This is going to be very exciting to give a competition to the birds by the means of science and technology. This product is a bag packed of excitement, thrill, suspense and fun.

libelula strap on helicopter

libelula helicopter on the go

libelula personal helicopter

libelula strap on helicopter for individual

libelula strap on helicopter

Source : Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana via Gizmodo via Dvice

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2 thoughts on “Libelula Rocket Powered Helicopter

  1. Love the concept BUT problems:

    Air time

    Fuel load for air time.

    Otherwise these Apps:

    Tourist Rentals

    Search Rescue

    Line surveys (rural)

    Firefighting- call in aid?

    Live News footage

    Spec Ops

    tow cable X000 miles overland?

    drop tow lines for Tugs.


    Problems 2:

    Fuel load

    Air Time

    Cost to build

    Cost to train one to fly (IE non FAA pilot).

    Ease to service & fly.

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