Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook Will Fit in Your Back Pocket

The Pocket Yoga is a concept netbook by Lenovo that looks like it has been exactly designed to fit in a pocket and Lenovo claims it as a back pocket notebook dedicatedly for males. However, it is still just a concept, but the dazzling ultra-widescreen and touch sensitive display has really made the notebook an extraordinary piece. Additionally, the display can flip around when you want your notebook in a tablet mode. The keyboard is deigned keeping the ease of use in mind for the users. The belt clasp system is another noticeable feature since the belt will be able to turn into a mouse.

lenovo pocket yoga

lenovo pocket yoga

lenovo pocket yoga

lenovo pocket yoga

lenovo pocket yoga

Designer : Lenovo via Gizmodo

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paparain says: April 4, 2009

cooooool…… simplicity

manoj kumar says: May 18, 2010

saxy & smart notbook

iN | DS!GN says: January 16, 2011

crazy 'n' smart

sushil says: January 19, 2011

damm good , don’t u think guys
lounch it soon

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