Botanical Hanger to Create Organic Architecture in Your Home

Botanical Hanger is a simple product with great philosophy behind it. It’s a designed submission from Satoshi Itasaka, a simple hanger that aims to bring floral and green into your house. You can read his explanation below. A flower can complete...
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Quetzal Chair Features Bi-color Pillows to Create Attractive Visual Impact

Take a look at Quetzal Chair, those 14 overlapped bicolor pillows are arranged to create amazing visual impact. It’s a modern furniture with unique feature, it allows you to change the main color of the armchair in just seconds. Designed for Missan...
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Solarpuff : Sustainable Home Lighting Inspired by Origami

Solight Design has created Solarpuff, beautiful solar-powered inflatable cube. It is a beautifully architected sustainable home lighting for environmentally friendly conscious consumers. Alice Min Soo Chun, the inventor of Solarpuff, wanted to solve ...
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Stepladder Chair by Stephen Kenn

A multifunction furniture design, well this stepladder chair represents its name clearly, it’s a chair that you can transform into a step ladder when you need one. Designed by Stephen Kenn, this original design is made from powder-coated steel comb...
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Residence K by Satoshi Itasaka

Situated in a quiet residential area, Residence K was built for a young married couple and their little son. The site is a symbolic location which can be described as an entrance to this residential area, located on the corner of a busy alley. Facing...
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Plumen 003 Pendant Set Features Center Gold Element to Reflects and Diffuses Light

Most people don’t care about light bulbs, but Plumen 003 Pendant Set will change your mind. This set includes Plumen’s, beautiful energy efficient light bulb and a tailor-made pendant. The design features chocolate-brown pendant that beautifully ...
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Chuck Flexible Bookshelf Allows You to Determine Its Form

Chuck is a unique wall shelf where its form follow content, literally. Designed by NEUVONFRISCH, this shelf is a highly flexible object, it changes with your inclination. Place your books or any other objects, the way you place them determines the fo...
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Ori Architectural Robotic Furniture System Unlocks The Potential of Your Living Space

Ori Architectural Robotic Furniture System offers you a ground breaking innovation. It is based on the problem of space that we are currently dealing with in high-density urban area where space has become too expensive to be static and unresponsive. ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Interior Design

Comfort Cloud Lamp Lights Up Your Kitchen and Purifies Cooking Fumes

Comfort Cloud Lamp is not an ordinary lamp, it’s a specially designed lamp for your kitchen. Nowadays, most people prefer to have open kitchen design to keep everyone in touch without the limit of any walls. However, this also means that cooking fu...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen, Interior Design, Lights

Wallace Modular Shelving System Adapts Well to Different Rooms

Installing Wallace Modular Shelving system in every room in your house means that you can adjust it to suit your need, anytime. Some people say that installing a wall shelf or storage can be more hassle than it’s actually worth, well, not this one....
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

DiMO Lamp: Syringe Inspired Compact Lamp with A Wooden Lever

Inspired by how syringe works, DiMO lamp was born. It’s a uniquely designed lamp that allows you to adjust and create atmosphere of your space. The wood material makes this lamp offers warm feeling, you can place this compact lamp on a nightstand, ...
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Magic Sticks – Innovative Furniture Design by Spyndi

Magic Sticks, just like its name suggests, this innovative design allows you to make your own furniture. Recently, there are number of innovations that rock our world but only a few number that define furniture world, that’s why SPYNDI wants to tak...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

ETICA Porcelain Lamp Was Derived from Unsuccessful Experiment

ETICA porcelain lamp project started in an old pottery workshop in Nove, Vicenza, one of renowned places in the world for the production of ceramics. At the corner of this workshop among with other prototypes, there was a cylinder of porcelain, but t...
Posted in » Interior Design, Lights

Lemniskata Shelf Features “Infinity” Form to Decorate Your Wall

Inspired by a mathematical symbol, infinity, Nuvist has come up with Lemniskata Shelf. The unique shape takes the concept of “forever” into display, demonstrating unbroken, continuous form of design, a great wall décor that you can use to keep b...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

WoodCruise – Outdoor, Rotating Lounge Furniture to Enjoy Sunbathing

Submitted by Luxury Dutch Luxury Design, WoodCruise is a beautiful outdoor lounge furniture made of solid teak wood and Swietenia mahogany. A masterpiece that offers pure quality to allow you to enjoy ultimate wellness while lounging and sunbathing, ...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design, Outdoors

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