Lumber Lamp by Hongtao Zhou

Artist and designer Hongtao Zhou has created Lumber Lamp (named Energy Wood) by band-sawing one piece of Ash lumber and steam-bending the strips to contain space and light. These strips transform the lumber into a dynamic sculptural mechanism, a lumber that delivers lights as well as visual forms. He also uses the same concept and band saw method to create large scale tree-shaped sculptures from l...
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New Life Pendant Lights by Natalia Rumyantseva

New Life, a conceptual pendant lights by Natalia Rumyantseva. This creative design won Design and Design International Award in Paris, France 2015. Inspired by the beauty of organic forms and structures, these lights boasts fluid design to display not only functional purpose of the object but also to create special mood and atmosphere in any room. The organic and expression form can affect individ...
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Re Cinto Sofa : Modern Sofa Design with Fence Like Soft Enclosure

Re Cinto Sofa is a modern representation of our sofa, infused with a casual spirit making it blends perfectly with modern, colorful interior décor. What makes it unique is its structure, it consists of an outer structure made of lacquered plywood boards while the central seat stands in the middle just like an “island”. Due to this placement, there’s a gap between the seat the structure, an ...
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Nest Shelf : Expandable Shelf Made from Carbon Fiber

Love love love this Nest Shelf, Sayaka Ito has made small room feels spacious. It’s a concept shelf that takes only seconds to expand to 2 times its original size. The vertical sections are constructed from 3.7mm thick carbon fiber while the 3.7mm thick horizontal sections feature aramid fiber-made honeycomb material slipped between carbon fiber. These sections are coated with a larch veneer, re...
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Collectors Cabinet by Jeremy Zietz

Collectors Cabinet features minimalist, unique design that begs you to be rotated where you can unlock its mysteries whether they are family jewelries or tokens from your adventures. It’s a beautiful creation, the carved inner wall offers you a special reward upon opening, the hull shape evokes that of travel and adventure. The unique pod shape attracts everyone to touch and curiously open it. A...
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Concrete Living by Delatour Design Lab

Jimmy Delatour is a 30-year French designer and Art Director, who just opened a design lab/studio in Paris that focuses mostly on concrete furniture. This series is the start of a "Concrete Living" furniture and object line, they both feature minimalist and modern style, and at the same time incorporated with Art Deco movement and modernist architecture inspirations. Those 2 movements created a fr...
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Crumpled Chair – A Chair with Unexpected Form Resulting From A Manufacturing Process Based on Natural Phenomena

How can we put natural permanent into design? In the world that we live in, natural phenomenon is just miraculous with its beauty. A lot of things in our lives comes from knowledge and inspiration from pure nature. Within the man-made products, would it be possible to make an object from nature that creates exclusive things. The purpose of this project is to reflect to the furniture with differ...
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Audi Time Piece Is Not Your Ordinary Grandfather Clock

Inspired by the classic grandfather clock, this Time Piece reinterprets the modern grandfather clock by incorporating Audi’s delicate details and technical philosophy. The overall design of this clock boasts Audi’s characteristics, elegant, simple, with moderate lines. Those metal lines are applied to the clock’s round face to display both dignity and dynamic image. There are small holes on ...
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Upcycling Lamp by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

This gorgeous lamp is actually constructed with recycled materials. Submitted by Ryan Jongwoo Choi, Upcycling Lamp features unique design that gives you cool illusion of a bottle stuck on a piece of wood. This lamp is upcycling project which is consist of broken wood, abandoned glass bottle I used. Cutted glass bottle(degree angle) is for creating the illusion which is stuck on the wood piece. Wr...
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Plumb Modular Furniture Features Expandable and Timeless Design

Plumb Modular Furniture gives you a wide variety of choices when constructing your furniture. The modular design increases sustainability in furniture design, these components can be used to built different furniture to suit your needs and situations. You can easily expand your shelves or modify a chair into children’s highchair in an instant. This project aims to expand the meaning of flexibili...
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Moooi Brave New World Lamp by Freshwest

A Brave New Lamp, well it is a bravely designed lamp indeed. Freshwest, an award winning UK design duo, has come up with visionary and daring lamp to celebrate their experimental and playful characteristics. This project produces a complex lamp using simple materials, it translates the warm soul of the oak wood in a mechanic way. The designers claimed that this lamp was developed without any desig...
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Concertina Design Paper Chair/Sofa Can Hold Up to 100 Times of Its Own Weight

It is concertina design furniture. Inspired by the flexibility of an Accordion, these designers have created this breathable product that not only can be used as a decoration, but also furniture. This paper sofa uses recyclable kraft paper to form a concertina design in order to become expandable furniture while being sturdy unit. These type of materials are waterproof and has the ability to stret...
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SandStand Portable Table for The Beach

Enjoying a glass of wine on the beach won’t be a problem with SandStand. It’s a portable table especially designed to be used on the beach where you can keep bottles, glasses, or cans out of sand. This handcrafted American product looks nothing more than a cutting board at first sight, but once it folds out, it becomes a nice table where you can stake it to the sand deep enough to make it stan...
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Hand Carved REVISIT and ERICKSON Langhorne Stool Offers Optimal Comfort and Support

Langhorne Stool was designed with great focus on functionality, comfort, and materials. Those were the central of every design decision during the process of crafting this stool. Each stool is made of American Walnut from hardwood forests in PA using the method developed by Robert Erickson for hand carving seats in the early 70’s. This method has been proven to place comfort and ergonomics at th...
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London Map Side Table by Hasan Agar

Here’s a concept table designed by Hasan Agar that represents the streets of London. Just like iPhone6 case with Tokyo’s railway system, the artistic pattern of the metal surface was inspired by the streets of the London. Impressive, we might say, when you memorize the pattern and follow the gaps, you might find yourself in an unforgettable place, sipping a warm cup of tea while enjoying the c...
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