iPhone 5 : Thinnest, Lightest, and Fastest iPhone Yet

After great attempts from many industrial designers to predict what iPhone 5 would look like, iPhone 5 is finally here. It features gorgeous longer body, thinner and lighter compared to iPhone 4s, so you can say that this by far is the thinnest, lightest, and fastest iPhone yet. Beautiful 4-inch retina display that boasts 1136x640 pixels of resolution allows you see everything in more vivid and lifelike, although the display is bigger than previous model, you can still hold it with one hand as t...
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Juicetank iPhone Case and Charger in One

We just spotted this brilliant design which about to become reality, JuiceTank iPhone case and charger in one. Yeah, how come no one thought about this before? This is the first iPhone case with an integrated wall charger that folds flat when not in use. Genius right? You don’t have to carry around your charging cable, simply find an outlet, you’re good to go. We love the design that enables the charger to fold flat for maximum portability (it fits your pocket perfectly). The case has been d...
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Leica i9 Concept for iPhone4 by Black Design Associates

With the philosophy of “Compliment without Compromise”, Black Design Associates designed Leica i9 Concept Camera for Apple iPhone4. Leica i9 concept provides you the same brilliant Leica’s professional CMOS image sensor and lens except with special body design where you can embed your iPhone4 on it. It’s the only professional camera that features iPhone4 case. The main objective of this design was to create a camera system that inspires photographers to shoot and then share their photos ...
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