NY Token Watch Brings Back a Good Nostalgic of NYC Subway on Your Wrist

Designed by Ward Wallau, NY Token Watch brings back a good nostalgic of New York City subway. It features vintage design that would look good on your wrist, you can check the time while waiting to take the next train. It’s a cool watch with nostalgic pieces of NYC subway history, it is created with an authentic 70’s era token, a circle of canvas token bag used by the MTA to transfer tokens throughout the system. This watch is a tribute to modern material culture, a classic designed timepiece that will add urbane flair to your look.

NY Token Watch is officially licensed by the New York City Transit Authority. It features a brushed, stainless steel case, battery-operated Japanese movement, and authentic 1970-1980 NYC token engraved on the back. [Buy It Here]

NY Toket Watch by Ward Wallau

NY Toket Watch by Ward Wallau

NY Toket Watch by Ward Wallau

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