New York City Taxicab Inspired The Tiffany Taxi Clock

Tiffany & Co. has launched $50,000 clock that resembles vintage New York City taxicab in the 50s, Tiffany Taxi. The design offers a whimsical and vintage twist of a traditional clock, it is based on the Golden Age’s popular Tailfin Fender with a classic yellow taxi sign above its windshield. Each piece is handcrafted in aluminum with eye-catching paint job in the signature Tiffany Blue, including the license plate presents the luxury jeweler’s logo for a touch of elegance.

New York City Taxicab Inspired The Tiffany Taxi Clock

Tiffany Taxi wants to remind you that it doesn’t just a luxury collectible, it’s a beautiful timepiece. It features two independent movements where each comes with its own power source, one in the driver’s seat tells time and the other powering the engine. You can read the time in the driver’s seat, hours and minutes are displayed on rotating stainless-steel disks situated on the air filters. You can set the time by using three-spoke steering wheel. Furthermore, Tiffany & Co. has placed a manual gear lever in the car, you can use it to select between winding the time movement, winding the engine, or just placing it in neutral. Start the engine, turning the key will activate the pistons in the V-8 engine, simulating movement.

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