Going Green with Solar Driveway Light

People are starting to aware of the crucial phase of power-crisis, and more products are launched on the market that use solar energy as its power. Take a look at this Solar Driveway Light, it gets the sun energy during day time, and light up at night time. Just because this solar driveway light use solar energy doesn’t mean that the light is weak. This solar energy driveway light is strong enough to bear heavy weight of a vehicle. An ecofriendly and energy-efficient way to add to the safety and beauty of our surroundings.

solar powered driveway light

Source : [ecofriend.org] via [keetsa]

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2 thoughts on “Going Green with Solar Driveway Light

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to source some solar driveway lights for one of my oil depots (external to the depot). I tried a similar competitors light and the battery seemed to run flat within 4-5 hours. How long will these lights last for, how bright are they (alos a problem with the previously tested light). Best Regards David Phippen

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