MyYour Outdoor Shower

This is probably the sleekest and most beautiful outdoor shower anyone might have ever seen. The grayish self-colored body of the shower bears resemblance with the splendid carves of a woman’s body and the design is equally attractive. The Four shower head coupled together can pour water in four different directions. The nozzles and the shower handles are shiny and smooth to match with the overall look of this outdoor shower. The foot stands at the base look like a complete flower with four petals and definitely enhances the beauty of this hardware. This is going to be a great addition to the poolside or garden of your home.

myyour outdoor shower

myyour outdoor shower

Designer : MyYour via Trendir

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3 thoughts on “MyYour Outdoor Shower

  1. It'd look really cool in the bathroom as well. Open showers in the house are catching on – give it an adjustable nozzle, and maybe some in-system filters and I'd buy it.

  2. Markets for: camps & clubs resorts

    Club Med.

    Caribbean hotels



    Public beaches



    Saunas near?

    Farms, camp sites

    RV sites

    Nice shapes, nice design

    Very Eco & not like those old fashioned showers.

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