Infographic Coins-Impression of Future Coins

It’s true that traditional round shaped coins have many functional advantages for which we still stick with it. But think of something different than you have seen all your life as coins that can be much more handy and easy to spot. Japanese industrial designer Mac Funamizu has envisioned Infographic coins, a set of coins that can easily be remembered by those who are not much familiar with them. The coins have been designed keeping the pie chart in mind, so a person who knows how to read pie charts will find great convenience recognizing these coins even in dark nights. It’s not been notified by the designer that if the surface of the coins features Braille code, I am sure it would be great for visually handicapped persons if the answer is YES.

infographic coins

infographic coins

infographic coins

infographic coins

Designer : Mac Funamizu

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5 thoughts on “Infographic Coins-Impression of Future Coins

  1. Interesting idea, but dumb overall. Nobody wants sharp coins. It's crazy to revise the shape of coins just for the few blind people. Braille should be enough. The $2 coin looks dumb especially. All around inefficient design, so have to give it a C-.

    • This is the good idea for several reasons:

      – the cost of making the coins is often higher than its nominal value

      – this is not only for blind people, but also for visual impaired and elder people, because they also have the problem with recognizing the good coin

      – the braille is not enough, because less than 40% of blind people knows braille

      – those design solutions are good out-of-the-box thinking and the good way to revise the design of coins

  2. unfortunatly i have 2 agree with steve though he was rather aggressive in his answer and that he has the wrong view the idea is rather insufficient. changing the shape of the coin may aid a minority of the population but would mean having 2 change numerous pieces of machinery that depend on the circumfrance of coins and gravity to feed them…i work in the amusment arcade industry and automatically from me saying that you know what i mean. there are also things like parking meters and self catering checkouts at supermarkets that would prove difficult. sorry but i cant see it happening. BUT DAMN IT DOES LOOK COOL ;D haha

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