Fit Wireless Phone for The Eldery

Today people with the age of 65 years and above constitute a considerable percentage of the population. But the existing technical accessories are not that user friendly. Jongmu Lee’s Wireless phone is really a hope for the elderly.

Fit as it is known at the onset looks like any high end touch screen phone, but it has been designed keeping in mind the elderly. It comes with a central movable scroll with which one can move up and down the menu, reduce or increase the size of the number pad and dial the speed dial images by tapping on the specific image. With all these user friendly, it sure shall make the elderly tech savvy.

fit wireless cell phone for the elderly

fit wireless cell phone for the elderly

fit wireless cell phone for the elderly

fit wireless cell phone for the elderly

Designer : Jongmu Lee

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3 thoughts on “Fit Wireless Phone for The Eldery

  1. This phone looks good. It is stylish and it has big keypad. I just wonder though if it has a louder volume as well and more importantly, if the phone has the capability to send out a call to 911 or other pre-programmed numbers in case of emergency. If it doesn’t, then I don’t think it is a competitive phone for seniors.

    I have reviewed several phones for seniors already. So far, the sole phone that I find to be very competitive is Just5 phone—competitive in a sense that it is packed with features that are relevant to the older adults. It doesn’t only have big keypad and louder volume. It also features an emergency S.O.S. button; for me, this is the most important feature of a phone for all the seniors. Oh! I should not forget, it also offers basic entertainment. With its FM radio, I can enjoy listening to my favorite sounds and radio discussions.

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