Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice – Modern Gondola Imagined by Philippe Starck

Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice is a special project designed for association VeniSIA. It’s a modern gondola imagined by Philippe Starck with technology solutions to help facing climate change or other environmental challenges. This project is also supported by the region of Veneto and the Italian Government. The 3D image of this gondola will be part of collection of Ca’ Foscari University where thousands of students will be able to study and enjoy it.

Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice

Gondola is one of complex boats in the world where the design is completely asymmetric yet the weight is designed perfectly to balance and go straight ahead even in the hardest conditions. Starck says, it’s pure magic. Dream of Winter Gondola is a concept gondola with a small room in the center, it is made with high-tech materials and technology such as compressed bamboo, seaweed bio resins, along with gyroscopic stabilizer powered by solar energy. It might not realistic, but well, we can all dream for a modern and sustainable gondola with mini electric turbine powered by hydro-generator and solar energy.

Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice

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