BMW i1 Concept Single-Seater Vehicle by Amadou Ndiaye

BMW i1 concept is a design proposal of three wheeled vehicle which meant for the “i” range series. It’s an electric vehicle that offers the experience of driving a motorbike with the safety of a car. BMW i1 has two front wheels that lean when y...
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Land Yacht Concept by Krisztián Griz

Have you ever heard about land sailing? If you haven’t then let us give you some hint. Land sailing means moving across the land in a wheeled vehicle powered by nature, the wind. This land yacht concept submission came from Krisztian Griz as his pr...
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A.N.T. : Aid Necessities Transporter To Enhance The Abilities To Reach More People Faster

Natural Disasters happens everyday because of global climate crisis and this phenomenon affects all parts of the world. This is the reason there's a need for quick and effective aid response for those victims in the suffering areas. A.N.T. stands for...
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Opel Ewol Personal Commuting Vehicle Can Still Sustain When Gas Stations Will Become Hard To Find

During the year 2050, you will hardly be able to find a gas station since definitely there will be no fossil fuels available by then due to the massive industrialization using natural resources such as gas, oil, coal and etc. To offer an energy effic...
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CCC : Transform Your Car Into A Helicopter

The CCC is a fascinating and futuristic concept car which is an ultimate solution for eventful city use with its compact design and mostly, the ability to transforming into a fully operational helicopter. When in the car mode, it is a three wheeled v...
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Caravela Three-Wheeled Vehicle with Zero Emission Hydrogen-Powered Engine

The new concept car designed by Andre Fangueiro is an interesting concept both design and utility wise. As per the designer, the inspiration for designing "Caravela" has been to make the congested urban highway space more interesting with innovative ...
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