Tokyoflash Kisai Oto LCD Watch by Samuel Jerichow

Tokyoflash has released futuristic and innovative watch, its first sound sensitive time piece, Tokyoflash Kisai OTO LCD Watch. Its reaction to sound or music is displayed using graphic equalizer display, it creates really cool visual effect on your wrist. Available in blue, red, amber and green LCD, each watch case and strap is made of high quality black anodized aluminum, thus, making it one of the lightest watch designs from Tokyoflash. Reading time can be done as usual, the hours are displ...
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TIME-LINE Clock by You Haeyon

Do you think a conventional clock can be made simpler? Yes, TIME-LINE clock shows you how time can be simplified the way in which time is represented. It only uses one clock hand and a small LED light. We already have a wide variety of clocks from wall clocks, watches to pocket watches, this concept clock was based on the idea to make time simpler. TIME-LINE clock features only an hour hand, liner without surrounding frame. A small LED light informs you about the minute. Everywhere this clock...
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Green Light Multi-function Desk Light by Lin Nien-An

Green Light is a multi-function desk light that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. The light base can be used as a great spot to place your keys, coins, phone, glasses or watch. The LED light shines pretty bright to illuminate your desk when you work or just read a book, there’s a small red LED light near the main light to be used as artificial sunlight for indoor plant. You can also choose to plant grass or place a small fish tank on the base of Green Light, it would create relaxing ...
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Super Lightweight And Ultra-Portable Kart Bike Offers Superb Personal City Commuting

No, functionally, this is not one of those tiny wooden toys that you frequently see kids playing around. However, you can still consider Kart bike concept as a fun toy, while roaming around on it with style and convenience. Folding bikes are quite common these days but the way it folds show the creativity of the designer. Kart bike features a four frame construction that folds and stacks on each other, making the transformation procedure easy and efficient. The shrinkable handle and the folda...
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Gradient : Portable Electric Device to Keep Your Beverages Warm or Cold

Gradient is an ultra-portable electrically powered concept device that will maintain a steady temperature of a cup of tea or coffee. This lightweight device offers easy operating with the buttons placed on the case and you can monitor the temperature on the highlighted LED display. The lower surface of this device is actually a heating shell that can keep the cup warm and when it comes about keeping your beverages chill, the upper impeller acts. When the gadget is set to warm a cup, the LED ligh...
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Natural Air Cleaner to Ensure An Excellent Air Quality

Are you tired of looking at the dead walls in your house? Do you want to see your walls beginning to come alive with greenery? Check out these "Vertical Living Walls" designed to contribute to the need of energy and freshness in today's world. Different types of plants can be used on this wall such as Edera, Ficus, Vaudosie and Nephrolepsis etc. There is a LED light for relaxing environment and water vaporizers are used on four sides. With the help of retractable wheels, the vertical living wal...
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