Fsnklvr Backpack : Stylish Camera Bag by Funfere Koroye

For the love of photography, this designer has come up with Fsnklvr Backpack design to accommodate your precious camera and accessories in style. Todays, you can see young generation has fallen in love with photography world, there’s something magical about taking a photo that tells story and captures the essence of a moment in time. It’s a common thing to see people carrying SLR camera everyw...
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Onde 300 Yacht by Federico Pacini

ONDE 300 yacht was born as part of reinterpreting the form of an old boat to hydroplane, and concept studies of a great designer of the past. It is a 92-meters megayacht, a project that is characterized by a desire to combine maximum comfort, high performance, and self-sufficiency. A boat with cutting-edge design that can be seen by the use of color choices and all shades of gray. ONDE 300 yach...
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AvA03 Resistance Concept Jet by Timon Sager

We just got awesome design submission, AvA03 Resistance Concept Jet by Timon Sager. It’s a vision of future private jet that can be used at any moment simply to fulfill humankind’s great desire to fly. This super jet has been designed to reach unimaginable heights and places you’ve always wanted to see, just name it, this jet will take you there in no time. People by nature are curious and d...
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Koala Personal Cart by Luan Mateus Dal Savio

We currently live in a world where desire to spend money on products we don’t need is relevant to most people, added to that, everybody wants to have new means and methods that allow design to make our life easier and comfortable. There are not many personal products to make it possible to transport goods from the market to our home and vice versa, without the use of plastic bags or other dispos...
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Easy Boat by Nyda Design

Easy Boat project was the result from the desire to give a boat a new life starting from an existing and unused hull. The main objective was the design a multi-purpose boat that not only fishing enthusiasts can use it, but also a family who wants to spend the time enjoying the sea breeze. This boat features 4 beds, double cabin, and two single beds. As you can see here, the result is a simple, com...
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AvA02 Serafim Jet Design by Timon Sager

AvA02 Serafim concept jet has been designed and developed for private use. The idea behind this concept is to fulfill human’s great desire to fly at any moment, reach unimaginable heights and go to all places we had ever wanted to see without great time expenditure. Rich people are usually under great pressures; well this new hobby flying with private jet offers the ultimate relief from all thos...
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CapsulePot : Your Mini Garden In a Capsule

The desire to grow herbs at home is increasing these days. This activity offers a substantial amount of convenience to hobbyist gardeners as well. However, growing and maintaining herb gardens at home is not an easy task, especially if you have no proper knowledge and equipment. After the success of TriPot, Greenamic has launched another great product, CapsulePot. It offers an absolute solution fo...
Posted in » Green, Home And Kitchen

“Wild Fold” Cell Phone Concept Using Samsung Flexible OLED

The new phone concept from Mac Funamizu does take phone designing to the next level. Named as "Wild Fold", the unique thing about this phone is that it can be folded in more ways than one. So whatever your mood or desire be, if you like the sleek, short, long or even flip design, all you need to do is fold the same in the manner you need and voila you have the phone of your choice! And what's more...
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