Flash Communicator Translates Your Voice into Morse Code

Flash Communicator translates your voice into Morse code in real-time. It looks like pretty cool concept for victims in remote areas to be located and rescued more efficiently. The main goal of this project is to design communication device which can...
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Will You Use Glove One Wearable Mobile Communication Device?

If this future technology came true, would you be willing to sacrifice your comfort by wearing it all the time? Glove One is a wearable mobile communication device, yes, you can make a phone call from it. This project goal is not to design future inn...
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Communicaid System To Faciliate A Communication Between Hearing and Non-Hearing People

Communicaid system has been designed to facilitate a communication between deaf or hearing impaired people and hearing people. One of our senses that enable us to interact with our environment and other people would be our ears, however for hearing i...
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Be2 Visual Communication Device by Mads Hindhede Svanegaard

Be2 Visual Communication Device makes it possible for you to see and talk to other people who live in another city as if they are in the same room with you. It works like a video call except that you can make the call from literally anywhere since th...
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In Touch Communication Device Helps Students Abroad Sharing Their Lives with Their Family Members Back Home

In Touch communication device targets students who study abroad. This device provides a way for them to share their experiences with their family home through a web network in a form of playful modular cubes. When designing this device, the designer ...
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Spectrum : An Advanced Cordless Communication Device

Spectrum is the new mode of communication across houses if one looks into this new innovative product. The product is nothing but cordless advanced technology wherein all the inhabitants of the house are in communiqué with each other and with the ot...
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Jive, Communication Device for The Elderly

Jive is a communication device especially designed to get elderly technophobes connected to their friends and family. How it work, Jive uses friend passes to link a physical persons ID with digital life. A user simply links a friend pass to there fri...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Personal Computers

Form Follows You, Nokia 888 Concept Cell Phone

Today the considerable consumers for the gadgets are the youngsters those who are always on the move and always looking for fresh new things. Manufacturers do take this segment seriously and keep developing new products for them. Nokia has come out w...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts, Nokia

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