SeaOrbiter : Sea Explorer That Takes Human To A New Adventure on This Planet

Inspired by great adventures of Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Piccard and many more, SeaOrbiter was born. It’s a new sea explorer that will take human to a new adventure on this planet. SeaOrbiter project represents a new planetary challenge, it aims to promotes a new relationship between human and the sea as awareness or […]


RDA Interactive Chopping Board Raises Awareness To Practice Healthy Lifestyle

RDA Interactive Chopping Board measures your food portions for healthy eating lifestyle. Why do we need this? The WHO predicts there will be more than 2.3 billion overweight adults in the world by 2015 where more than 700 million of them will be obese. We need to drastically change our unhealthy lifestyles, monitoring what we […]


Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger Fits Your Standard Cup Holder

Claptrap is back, it’s a unique character from Borderlands. CL4P-TP is a general purpose robot manufactured by Hyperion, it’s not just a machine, this robot is programmed with personality that brags frequently yet expresses severe loneliness. Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger wants to bring this cute robot in your car, it fits in your standard cup holder and his eye would […]

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