S-Series Mobile Concept Made of Bamboo and Black Acrylic Surround with Brushed Aluminium Buttons.

S-series mobile concept is not based on today’s range of phones which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of design, the aim of the game being to cram as many functions as possible into a lumpy box of endless buttons.

The S-series however steps back from this approach and sets off in a radically different design direction by combining sleek, sophisticated styling with top quality materials all put together in a compact package, to make the whole experience of looking at and owning the phone just as pleasurable as using it.

The phone is aimed at people who want to stand out and make a statement, without compromising on features. Designed in such a way that almost every key feature, from using the camera to making and receiving calls, is easily operated without the need to flip out the keypad and waste time.

s series mobile phone concept

s series mobile phone concept

s series mobile phone concept

s series mobile phone concept

s series mobile phone concept

Designer : Simon Enever

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Kaushik says: May 17, 2008

Well, I heard people trash this concept phone in another site, so I wondered how bad it could be. The picture there was from a bad angle and looked not-so-very-keen-to-own type.

However, the pictures here are good and I would rather look forward to owning something like this. Of course, conditions apply, as they say with the asterisk. Features aren’t listed here, so I won’t buy it without satisfying myself that it will work as a phone.

If it has a good camera and other features, I can take the ‘pain’ of flipping it open to use it. But each feature listed should be good. Mobiles and property are often advertised with features that exist but are of poor quality.

Wood would make the phone lighter, I presume, but it would also make the thing a bit vulnerable to damage. So, let’s see. Finally, te price should be right. What most businessmen do not understand is that demand or awe is not everything. It needs to suit the buyer’s pocket, unless you are ready to get impulsive buyers who would be happy to leave your band tomorrow as well.

dhruv says: May 22, 2008

when it will launch

jay says: July 5, 2008

when it will launch in india

    apoorv purohit says: December 17, 2010

    when it will launch in india

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