BottleLoft Magnetic Strips Hold Beverage Bottles in A Cool Way

Father’s Day is near, one of cool gifts you can get for your man would be BottleLoft. It’s a set of magnetic strips that hold your beverage bottles in a cool way, suspended from the fridge ceiling. Having these strips inside your fridge will cert...
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Wlip – Functional Water Bottle Clip for Easy Carrying

Drinking water bottle will never be the same thanks to Wlip, an unconventional accessory. Wlip is an accessory that attaches to the neck of your water bottle, allowing you to hook it to your backpack, your pants or whatever you want! Carry your water...
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Durable Kool Lightning Cable Features Nylon Braided Cable

Kool Lightning Cable is a durable, Apple certified high quality cable for lightning ports. As someone who already uses MicFlip, it’s safe to say that Kool offers a tangle-free cable, the 1-meter super strong nylon braided cable is very durable. No ...
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Atomic Bear Cobra Survival Bracelet : Stylish, Wearable Survival Kit

Don’t go camping without a survival kit, Atomic Bear Cobra Survival Bracelet would be a nice addition to it. It’s a wearable survival kit in form of a stylish bracelet, perfectly adjustable to fit most wrist size. By wearing this bracelet, it mea...
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Cosmo Connected Smart Helmet Accessory Is Connected to Your Brake Light

Cosmo Connected has launched a crowd funding campaign for its smart helmet accessory. It’s the world’s first connected brake light especially designed to keep all motorcycle riders safe. This safety device turns on a red signal at eye-level to th...
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All In Multitool Fits Securely within The Crank Hollow of A Mountain Bike

All In Multitool can be hidden from plain sight, no need to keep this bulky multitool in your pouch or pocket. Designed for bike lovers, this tool allows you to have control of single screw on your bike. Designed, prototyped, and handcrafted in Italy...
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Corsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad for Laser and Optical Gaming Mice

Turn your computer table into an ideal surface for gaming with Corsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad. This product is a high endurance cloth mouse pad, perfect for high-DPI gaming mice. It features reinforced stitches edges to prevent...
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OSCIBLADE – An Eccentric Pencil Sharpener by Nirmayee Rode

OSCIBLADE is an eccentric pencil sharpener, designed in relevance with the “form-functionality” duo, enhancing its aesthetics while keeping in mind its technical details. If you relate to shaving your pencils sharp with the help of a blade or kni...
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Bell Sports Shell Child Carriers by Anvil Studios

What happens when something as utilitarian as a bike carrier is created with great design? Can the practical be made visually interesting, safe, and progressive at same time, can it become a product you actually want to use? Greg Janky & Treas...
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LumiXstand : Laptop Stand by Dale Rorabaugh

You might not think about it often but we spend a chunk of our week sitting facing our screens. This is far from the natural alignment our body is used to leading to health problems such as disc and joint injuries, shoulder pain and carpal tunnel syn...
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ORION Cycling Navigation Concept Is Made of e-Paper by Clement Dauchy

ORION Cycling Navigation is a concept project born out of the cycling routine of Clement Dauchy, the designer. “Every morning I like to bike those few miles to my job and it always makes my day starting the better. Always going by the same eerie o...
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3D Printed VITRUS Multitool Helps You Keeping Up Good Hygiene Practices

Appearance is one of the highest attributors that affect how an impoverished person is viewed by the public. This minor disadvantage disallows the person opportunities to be interviewed, which in turn, diminishes work opportunities. Visual appearance...
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5-in-1 Tool Pen : A Ruler, A Bubble Level, A Screwdriver, A Stylus, and A Ballpoint Pen

Made from aluminum and silicon, this 5-in-1 Tool Pen offers several handy functions: a ruler, a bubble level, a screwdriver, stylus, and of course a ballpoint pen. These are pretty standard tools which are used on daily basis for different things, ke...
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Berrolia iPhone 7 Car Mount Offers One-Hand Usage and Charging Capabilities

Berrolia iPhone 7 Car Mount is the result from collaboration between Studio LATA and Berrolia, a polish-based manufacturer for iPhone. Berrolia design features unique and detailed iPhone car mount, delicate combination between engineering and aesthet...
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SMARTOO Turns Any Luggage Into a Mobile Working Desk

Feeling bored in crowded airport or public places? Been there my friend, it’s hard finding a decent surface to use our laptop or tablet where we can entertain ourselves. Well, SMARTOO might be our solution to that problem. Started as a challenge by...
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