Audi A0 QS Features Stunning Aesthetics and Great Performance

The Audi A0 QS, Q stands for four-wheel drive and S for sports, has been specially designed for athletes and rich people to enhance their active lifestyles. This small and dynamic sports car is equipped with electric motor and a hydrogen engine that make the car entirely hybrid. Additionally, it features a special rotation system of the wheels with an analogy of the three-wheeled trike, making the wheels able to bend without rotation along the vertical axis. Rubber fabric has been used to make the doors, which greatly enhances the design and makes it possible to transform into transparent materials according to the rider’s need. Length of the compact car is 3400 mm, giving the users an ultimate driving convenience on busy urban roads and when parking.

audi a0 qs

audi a0 qs

audi a0 qs

audi a0 qs

audi a0 qs

audi a0 qs

audi a0 qs

Designer : Alexander Tiganova

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Stephen Russell says: March 25, 2010

Id drive this & rent this alone

Warren t says: June 2, 2010

Hello my name is warren. I am interested in futuristic cars. If I wanted to pursue a career in contributing to the building of furturistic cars, where would I degree would I pursue and where would I start.

    Case says: November 18, 2011

    You will need an engineering degree, at least to get hired any where, but for cars specifically the best would be a transportation engineering degree, many different colleges offer these types of degrees and courses, look around your local universities and see what they've got.
    Engineering takes a lot of math (geometry, algebra calculus, etc..) it won't be easy. I would start by doing a little studying on your own

hollaway says: September 10, 2010


josh says: June 13, 2011

what i dont understand is, people are always saying go green and stuff but to truely go green with solar power etc. etc. costs ALOT. just wanted to get that off my mind. :D

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