Vintage Pocket Watch Inspired De Bethune DBD Evergreen Watch

De Bethune just revealed DBD Evergreen, an elegant timepiece that looks like a modern pocket watch. Young collectors might not like carrying a pocket watch nowadays, even though there are plenty of brands that are inspired by the aesthetics and layouts of vintage pocket watches, none of them do it like De Bethune.

This creation transcends mere elegance, it’s exceptional piece inspired by symbolism of the color green. It has hue rich that means a lot in the extensive history and culture of the Middle East. DBD Evergreen is only available in limited edition of 20 pieces.

De Bethune DBD Evergreen Watch

Well, story of this spectacular design started in 2006 with DBS Digitale, it’s another horological UFO of De Bethune. The watch was powered by a hand-wound movement, it featured a nice, stacked digital display with an in-line triple calendar, jumping hours, and dragging minutes. There’s uninterrupted line of text that indicates day, date, and month, giving a highly intuitive reading. Below there’s another window where you could read the minutes while a fifth one at 6 o’clock showed the jumping hours.

Now, De Bethune releases the DBD Season 2. Now we get a green version of De Bethune DBD, DBD Evergreen combines a 42.6mm polished Grade 5 titanium case with green-blue dial with prominent Côtes de Genève vertical striping. One particular changes is that this new model no longer features the moon phase indicator on the caseback. The plate that serves a dial features a deep green color, the dial is adorned with beautiful De Bethune waves, three rubies, and a plate bearing the company’s name.

De Bethune DBD Evergreen Watch

De Bethune DBD Evergreen Watch

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