X2 Concept Car by Yeon-Wu Seong

X2 concept car is designed by Yeon-woo Seong, a Korean industrial designer with 4 years experience in automotive industry. This car has been designed with symmetric structure to offer some advantages especially when you are trapped in traffic congestion. Due to symmetric front and rear structure, it is possible for the driver to drive in […]


Tumblehomez Cruiser Design by Daniel Nätterdal

This is the boat design that you should check out; its high tech design and ultra tech mechanism makes it an advanced cruisers. Its streamlined design makes it fit to cruise through the flow of water with lightning speed. Comfortable and secure seats with a steering at the front provide an easy handling of the […]


Tap Strap 2 – Wearable Keyboard and Mouse with AirMouse Feature

Control your device with gestures, it is made possible by Tap Strap 2. This is actually the second generation of wearable keyboard and mouse, this time, it features AirMouse capability where you can control devices such as smart TVs or iPads with AirMouse functionality. Connected through Bluetooth, Tap Strap 2 allows user to use a simple wave of the hand to […]

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