SAVE:US Emergency Downlight System for Faster High-Rise Building Evacuations When Natural Disaster Strikes

When natural disaster strikes, the first critical important service to be lost would be electric power. This means people will be dealing with rapid evacuation in complete darkness and when they are in high rise building, it can be pretty difficult to move fast without any light. SAVE:US emergency downlight system is a smart design to help faster rescue activities.

Rapid evacuation and rescue people is the top priority when natural disaster happens. So, can you imagine how difficult to do the job when electrical supply of the building is cut as there might be a lot of people still trapped inside the building, especially high-rise buildings. You can see the scenario at the bottom of the article.

Designers : Jin Min Hee, Park So Jeing, Jo Joo Hyun and Choi Sung Hun

Save:Us Emergency Downlight System

Save:Us Emergency Downlight System

SAVE:US emergency downlight system appears to be regular downlight in normal conditions, but during emergency situation, a flashlight with an embedded GPS module automatically drops down just like oxygen mask in an airplane. This light is charged by standby power during non-emergency situation, therefore it’s ready to use anytime. People can use this flashlight and the GPS to guide them to safe place or to find rescue team.

Save:Us Emergency Downlight System

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2 thoughts on “SAVE:US Emergency Downlight System for Faster High-Rise Building Evacuations When Natural Disaster Strikes

  1. Must add to Freedom Tower, NYC & all New Hi Rise projects worldwide alone.
    ALL Hotels IE Miami, Cleveland, NY, LA CA etc over 200 stories.
    Expand to Cruise line market.
    Educate First Responders on system.

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