100 BPM : Simplified Chest Compression Tool for Anyone to Perform CPR at The Right Frequency and Pressure

In case of emergency when someone needs CPR, 100 BPM Simplified Chest Compression can be very handy as they are not many people know how to give a proper one. It helps increasing the success rate of administering CPR to an adult after cardiac arrest, it gives feedback to the rescuer through sound and light […]


Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop Should Be Here by 2010

A lot of concept gadgets are coming up primarily to utilize the human senses. Of course the sense of touch is what is being utilized the maximum with many touch screen devices being developed. When almost every latest phone is touch screen can laptops be left behind? An Italian company V12 design has devised ‘Canova’ […]


Edison Rustic Lamp Design Demonstrates The Elegance of 19th Century

Gorgeous Edison rustic lamp design that would light up your desk in style. If you’re into industrial style décor or steampunk light, this would be the perfect lamp for you. Handmade in USA, the pipe used is made from real steel, there are five socket variations you can choose and three wood base finishes. Each set comes with […]

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