Eira Yacht Offers Highest Level of Safety and Performance in Nordic Environment

Developed by the young designer team the Eira Yacht project is a breakthrough in the yacht market. Its outstanding exterior serves to fulfill the needs of an explorer reflecting the landscape around due to its photovoltaic paint finish. The amazing process of mimicria lets you become a part of the environment revealing the sacral secrets of nature. The prow and the stern of the yacht are inspir...
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A’ Design Award & Competition 2013 – Last Call for Entries

Hey guys, it’s just a reminder, time is ticking. If you plan to join the competition the submission deadline is on February 28, 2013 so you better hurry. Just in case you haven’t heard about A' Design Award & Competition, it is one of prestigious design competitions that will make your work known to public. It has great PR push to get the world recognize your design, it’s a great chan...
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Espresso On Four Legs Is A Breakthrough For Conventional Coffee Makers

An espresso machine that sits on a tabletop and pours a coffee cup is something we can easily see around. Now, even the espresso machine realized its time to stand up and rejuvenate in the form of Espresso on four legs, an innovative concept espresso machine that can ensure handy use along with extraordinary interior aesthetics. The cylindrical main body is mounted horizontally above the coffee cu...
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