Bring Your Helicopter Anywhere with You !

Ever imagine to have a helicopter and bring it anywhere with you ? Russia has developed a Ka-56 "Wasp" helicopter which fully functional and can be used to carry one passenger. You can fold the helicopter and put it in a tube that also can be carried...
Posted in » Transportation

Mobile Phone with Projector

Do you think it's going to come true ? Well the answer is yes, it's getting closer day by day. Projection mobile phones are no longer just a dream, it's only a matter of time before you can see it on the market. Stefano Casanova designed a concept mo...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts

Merry Christmas 2007 Guys ! is wishing you a Merry Christmas 2007, have fun and keep visiting our website for new technology, new gadgets, new designs, and new concepts for the future !...
Posted in » Holiday

CI Desk – Multifunctional Desk from CIO

A multi-functional home office on wheels, in its handy size and elegant shape, adapting to the flexible working habits of the individual at home or in the office. Through a 180-degree turn of its top, it unfolds into a small workstation for laptop us...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture

Capsuli : A Solar Powered LED Emergency

Say hello to capsuli, a rechargeable solar powered LED emergency light kit. Capsuli is small yet powerful enough to emit light from the palm of your hand. You can dock each capsule to a pad that embedded with solar cells, twisting this capsule will a...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Lights

Tomato is Going to Launch its 1.8-inch Compact HDD

Tomato is going to launch its 1.8-inch compact external hard drive in Korea market, which is equipped with Seagate's 60GB HDD. Tomato comes with 6 different colors, designed with hairline aluminum case, the D18 supports USB host function and one-touc...
Posted in » Gadgets

ETNA – Future Mobile Phone Concept by Maxie Pantel

Maxie Pantel has designed an eye-catching mobile phone concept. This design revolves around the charger unit. The eye-catching opening in the middle fulfills two functions: storing the phone and charging it. ETNA fits onto an adapter which is plugged...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts

Futuristic Volkswagen Viseo Concept Car by Marc Kirsch

The Volkswagen Viseo is a futuristic concept vehicle created by Marc Kirsch for his final project in Industrial Design at Braunschweig University of Arts. For his Viseo concept Marc Kirsch was inspired by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's work. ...
Posted in » Cars, Futuristic Car

Zero : An Eco Friendly Vehicle

To address the increasing verticality of urban centers and the zero impact mentality, Natalie Bonebrake started by raising the transport of the terrain thus removing its footprint. The vehicle hangs from a magnetic levitation track; this removes the ...
Posted in » Cars, Futuristic Car

Take Your Radiator with You

Anna Gotha has designed a heating installation that you can take anywhere with you. The idea behind this concept is that the existing radiators take up too much room wit conservative design. With this new radiator, Anna has made the radiator become p...
Posted in » Gadgets, Home And Kitchen

Apple Remote for Each Member of Your Family

No more screaming for remote control. Each member of your family can have this apple remote which can be programmed to suit your tv watching needs. This apple remote also response to motion gestures, rotate it to left or right to change the volume le...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Pushchair Design for 3 Children

Nick Colvin redesigned a child's pushchair to meet the rugged demands of everyday life. He wanted the pushchair had to be able to accommodate 3 children of varying ages with enough storage space to carry any accessories & toys etc. One of the stipul...
Posted in » Family

Lack of Space ? Use Ladybird Bath and Vanity for Your Bathroom

If you are having limited space in your apartment, this ladybird bath and vanity can be a great choice for your bathroom. The idea behind this design is that the living space that we can get nowadays are getting smaller, with that in mind, ladybird w...
Posted in » Bathroom

New LG Cyking vacuum cleaner

Thanks to its dust-suction and dust-compressing functions the New Cyking vacuum cleaner prevents dust from spilling out when the container is emptied. It features a multilevel filtering system and a cable-reel button that is easily operated by fo...
Posted in » Gadgets, Home And Kitchen

Melting Light, Your Classic Chandelier

The idea behind it is to reinterpret the classic "chandelier" completely different. Daniel Becker, the designer, experimented with different lampshade forms which should reflect light into the room. He also created an optical unstability - the wave i...
Posted in » Fashion, Interior Design, Lights

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