JB Speaker System Features Great Appearance To Enhance The Décor Of Your Tabletop

Your expensive and powerful desktop speakers may produce huge sound that can cover a mini stadium, but how many times do you listen music with even half of the available volume? Just to obtain the possession pride, you are compromising with the aesthetics of your desktop with large and ugly looking speakers that only can occupy a lot of your space. Imagining once the JB speaker system on your desktop in the place of your existing one would surely change your mind. Made of eco-friendly reclaimed wood and brushed aluminum, this compact and contemporary speaker system can enhance the visual of your tabletop, as well as your room, while providing distinct and clear music. The speaker system consists of one sub-woofer and two satellites, both with wooden finished face, ensuring a matching appearance with your table.

Designer : Kyle Darlington

jb speaker system

jb speaker system

jb speaker system

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spasmody says: June 2, 2010

looks like jet engines, nice

saint says: September 16, 2010

Are these available for sale anywhere?

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