Formula 1 2017 Closed Cockpit Concept Car to Protect The Driver Better

In an attempt to follow the new rule of Formula 1, Olcay Tuncay Karabulut has envisioned future Formula 1 concept race car. You can read the explanation below using his own words. I made this Scuderia Ferrari Progetto 668 and Williams FW38 concepts to visualize what F1 cars could look like with a closed cockpit. Closed cockpits have been on the agenda for some time now, and the FIA institute ha...
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Surface Watch Concept Proposal for Microsoft

This is a concept watch based on the Microsoft Surface. Using the design language of Windows 10, the Surface watch was born. Designed to appeal to the high-end market by using premium materials and a strong build frame coupled with enough power to easily utilize the windows continuum device. It’s a fun project, a future vision how a surface watch would look like. So, what do you think? Design...
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DTool for Better Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Practices

Dualtool (Dtool) was a concept developed for "RedDot Concept Award". Minimally Invasive Surgery is a surgery practice that provide less post operation pain, less recovery time and less risk to infection than conventional open surgery, also a considerable reduction of trauma to the patient's body. The problem in this practice is for the surgeon, it should do some concessions as more effort, conc...
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Bonsai Electric Radiator Heater Features Sleek, Sculpted Form to Enhance Existing Interior

This electric radiator was inspired by manipulated Japanese trees, hence the name Bonsai. It’s an electric radiator and is designed to decorate your home. The main focus about Bonsai electric radiator heater was to create a product beyond its defined function. A product that fulfills both practical aspect along with aesthetic aspect. This sleek sculpted radiator can be used in different places, ...
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DipCoil – Safe Immersion Water Heater Housed in Thermal Insulator Cage

A water heater is a common household appliance that most of you have, you use it especially during colder weather. Unfortunately, this device usually becomes the cause of burns and electric shock when not used carefully. DipCoil is a redesigned water heater that wants to offer you a safer, more compact, and more portable immersion heater, no more exposed heating coil. The water can be heated safel...
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Alvarado Yacht Re-interprets Modern Explorer Yacht

Alvarado yacht project has been conceived with goal to improve a specific type of boat: the explorer. An explorer yacht, according to designers, is the best type of motor yacht to achieve targets assigned: hull forms define a displacement hull in the best way, creating larger interiors improving comfort and allow a better azimutal propulsion arrangement. While these targets were relatively easy to...
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Nissan Teatro For Dayz Concept Car for “Share Natives” Generation

A cool concept car comes from Nissan has been introduced at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Teatro for Dayz. It’s a combination of mobile technologies unlike you’ve seen in any other cars, thanks to Nissan’s EV technology, this car introduces a radical new way of thinking on how we ride our vehicles. It’s a vehicle, it’s a high tech device, or you can also call it the lifestyle driver of the f...
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Tsunami Warning System Functions As Ordinary Traffic Signs During Normal Times

In the event of tsunami, situations can be pretty chaotic. This Tsunami Warning System has been designed to combine function of traffic signs to give emergency routes information in the city, but it can also be used as general traffic sign during normal times. When these traffic signs receive a tsunami warning, it would automatically switch to evacuation signs, guiding people toward the shelters. ...
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S/Y Blue Sapphire Sailing Yacht by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

This new 52-meters sloop S/Y Blue Sapphire Yacht has been designed for the Perini Navi Award organized by Comitato Leonardo to celebrate the excellence of Italian design. This sailing yacht is a performance cruiser, designed also for the occasional race with its plumb bow and a modern stern, it also features generous outside areas for owner and guests to enjoy different kind entertainment. The ...
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Air Bonsai : DIY Magical Floating Bonsai Kit

A floating star … an Air Bonsai. Yes, you read that right, there are Japanese local designers in the island of Kyushu that create a floating bonsai. Would you like to plant your own floating bonsai? Well, you actually can, simply help funding the campaign, and get your self the magical botanicals that float in mid air thanks to a system of magnetic devices that propel the plant away from its bas...
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Accordion Stool : Expandable Stool by Natalie Dackelid

Accordion Stool is designed by Natalie Dackelid, a Swedish furniture design student. A smart furniture that belongs to her summer course, this project is also the extension of Wooden Cloth table. Inspired by Sweden expression that says “If there’s room in the heart, there’s room for the arse”, Natalie created an expandable furniture. This project basically means there’s always extra s...
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Superloop Intersection for Self-Driving Cars by Atis Sedlenieks and Dārta Dambe

Superloop has been designed as part as competition project for Tallinn Architecture Biennale "Self-Driven City". The project was awarded honorable mention. This proposal is intended for time when autonomous cars will be 100% main city transportation. What will that mean for city streets and intersections? Time is most valuable unit and humankind always are longed for doing most in less time....
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Dune Flatware Set by Andrea Ponti

Andrea Ponti, an Italian designer, has designed an aluminum flatware set called Dune. It’s a concept project inspired by the concept of food design meant as experimental cuisine and molecular gastronomy where a culinary research lab seeks to explore the technical, artistic, and social aspects of cooking. Every single element is essential when it comes to multi-sensory conception of food, from co...
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Asus Z2 Poseidon Is A Cell Phone Design Proposal for Extreme Gamers

Asus Z2 Poseidon is a special concept cell phone designed for extreme gamers, that being said it must be powerful, with great battery and without overheating issues. Z2 Poseidon is equipped with Fujitsu Loop Heat Pipe so the CPU can stay cool and run smoothly all the time. There is also a build in Air Cooling System, which naturally pushes out all the heat from the battery and other components ...
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Argo Yacht Concept Is A Dream Project of Vasilatos Ianis

It’s good to hearing from Vasilatos Ianis again, this time, he submitted Argo. Argo is a conceptual yacht, a long term project with multiple stages, therefore, you can expect some updates on this page in the future. As one of his favorite designs, Vasilatos had really great time working on it, it’s been a dream project for many years and it’s starting to take shape. Argo, the name comes f...
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