Hemisferio Criativo Nimbus e-Car is A Cute Futuristic Concept Car for A Variety of Terrain

Nimbus e-car is a conceptual car that looks like coming out of children’s cars toy collection. It’s a cute car designed for both short distances in urban areas and longer trips in a variety of terrain. It is equipped with hybrid engine that offers efficient energy consumption system for greater driving range with better energy saving compared to all-electric cars. Nimbus features 130Kw (180hp) electrical engine lithium-ion battery powered that works side by side with a micro combustion ge...
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Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2015 Calls for Entries

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2015 is here again, it encourages international companies to submit their products which are especially designed and developed for huaren (Chinese speaking) market. This design award opened its doors to international design community back in 2014, for the first time. Well, the result is amazing, a record breaking 1901 products and projects was submitted from 8 countries and regions, and you know what, 40% of 416 Design Mark winners were from outside Taiwan. ...
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Be-e Concept Electric Motorcycle by Bez Dimitri

Be-e is a concept of electric motorcycle designed in round forms to cover the batteries and the engine. The large volume body is very useful to hold all the internal system, the upper tank is used to hold a giant radiator including copper mesh that disperses heat from battery and engine. It eliminates conventional radiator to gain lightweight and energy efficient vehicle. Based on its name and appearance, we’re pretty sure you can guess that this concept motorbike is a tribute to bees, an amaz...
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AH A MAY Project: Root Motorcycle by Kazuki Kashiwase

Do you want to know what happen when musical instrument designers design a motorcycle? Well, project AH A MAY (Yamaha spelled backwards) has interesting idea by exchanging Yamaha 2 design divisions and give them tasks outside their design fields without any constraints related to commercialization or production. The project goal is for designers to stimulate each other’s imaginations while creating products that embodied their shared image of Yamaha. The result is amazing, such as Yamaha Root ...
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Samsung Dream Doghouse : High-Tech House for Our Furry Friend

It looks like Samsung has imagined a luxurious house dedicated for our furry friend here, take a look at Samsung Dream Doghouse. Perhaps this company wants to reach another market after their success in human market, after smart TVs, smart phones, smart devices, now smart house for dogs. It’s a $30,000 doghouse displayed at Crufts 2015, world’s largest dog show. Besides a comfortable and luxurious house, it also features an exercise treadmill to keep your dog fit even on rainy days. The a...
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Elevate Portable Standing Desk to Improve Blood Flow and Strengthen Muscles

Elevate portable standing workstation was born out of the idea that the world might be a bit better if it was easier to stand at your desk while working. These three New Zealander, Sean Ross, Dominic McKiernan, and Hayden Breese have come from different backgrounds (IT, creative, and design) and their works have to do with a lot of sitting. They wanted to combine their skills to develop a comfortable standing desk to improve their physical and visual environment. The stand slopes on an angle ...
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Futuristic Drone Ambulance Concept for Emergency Rescue

This futuristic drone ambulance is a conceptual transportation design by ArgoDesign for fastcodesign’s body week initiative. The brief was to come up with a re-designed something related with health care industry that would improve the service, this is how ArgoDesign imagines flying ambulances of the future. Every second is crucial in emergency situation, based on research, there are more than 1000 saveable lives are lost per year due to slow emergency response in nation’s biggest cities. Th...
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Bios Urn Turns Death into Life Through Nature

Bios Urn features similar concept as Poetree funeral urn that is commercially available. It’s a biodegradable urn that you can take home and convert into a tree, reminding you to the life of your loved one. This urn is composed of 2 parts: the top capsule and the ashes. The top capsule has been designed to facilitate the growth of the seed (there are 6 seeds you can choose from), that’s why before burying the urn, you need to mix the components with some soils where you want to plant the urn...
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Shisha 2.0 by Porsche Design

When traditional meets modern, Shisha 2.0 is the modern and luxurious version of hookah from Porsche Design. It’s a new breeze of luxury that captivates you with its puristic design and exclusive materials: hand blown glass and aluminum. Just in case you don’t what what Shisha is, it’s a single stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. Its origin is from Persia and then spread to east India during Safavid Dynasty. This 73.5cm high shisha offers technical sophisticatio...
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Honda Bulldog Motorcycle Is Your Lovable Touring Partner

Honda unveiled BULLDOG motorcycle during press conference at the 31st Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015. With this model, Honda promotes a new world of leisure with motorcycle, it’s been designed and developed to represent the concept of “Lovable Touring Partner”. So yeah, this motorcycle was designed to become your best companion to enjoy outdoor life, it goes beyond the boundaries of conventional motorbike. Honda BULLDOG features 15-inch wide tires with low center of gravity. The 730mm seat ...
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Chromo Inc. “Grill & Chill” 2-in-1 Portable Cooler and Grill for Travelers

Enjoying BBQ on rainy days? No problem, just set up Chromo Inc. "Grill & Chill" 2-in-1 portable Cooler and Grill on the table, and enjoy happy grilling time with friends and family. This charcoal grill features compact size, making it highly portable and doesn’t require a lot of space. Road trip would be much more fun when you carry this compact grilling, its 10-inch diameter is spacious enough to grill whole fish, burgers, steaks, or vegetables. What we really love is the hybrid functi...
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Aurore Wood Stove by Jerome Olivet

The new Aurore wood stove is dedicated to the pleasures of the senses. Designed by Jerome Olivet, the elegance of the sculpted surfaces and galvanized glossy white or deep black sets a new standard, which here reaches the highest demands of quality. Across the smallest details, design is placed under the sign of exclusivity. The refined style, exemplary finish and the quality of its flame illuminate the entire space. The large door with multiple reflections impresses with its clear and slender a...
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Feline One Motorcycle Features Clean Lines Enhanced by A Powerful Front Fork and A Hook Shaped Back

Feline One designed by Yacouba Galel is one most luxurious and sophisticated motorcycle available today. This high-tech motorcycle delivers a new vision of motorbike, it features unique look to create immediate impact through its sensual panther style. This project is the result of 4 years of technological research, constructed with highest quality materials with parts manufactured by worldwide manufacturer experts. Carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum, combined with fine leather, those are m...
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Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch for Time Traveler

“Back to the Future” is a phenomenal time travel trilogy that has become worldwide cultural phenomenon. If you haven’t watched these films, we highly recommend that you have “Back to the Future” marathon weekend, you won’t regret it. Any hardcore fans of this trilogy would know about Flux Capacitor, it’s the main component that powers DeLorean’s time vortex. It has become one of best known props from the movie. That’s why reading time on the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor...
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L Concept Motorcycle by Bandit9

Bandit9 has released L concept motorcycle which will only be available in 9 units. It features powerful 125cc engine with gorgeous silver steel unibody that creates beautiful contrast to its skin leather seat. The minimalist design is achieved through custom engine cover, headlight, break light, turn signals, and L handlebars. Bandit9 keeps their philosophy of creating futuristic motorbikes very seriously, as you can see with all motorbike designs that they have, each model is an evolution of th...
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