8 Most Handy Robot Designs That Can Make Our Life Easier

Before inventing robots, people were more active. Does that mean robots are meant to be making people idle? Of course not. Robots are machines that follow instruction accurately which in turn boost the productivity and efficiency of its performance. Ultimately robots can do more tasks in less time. So what is the moral? Making life […]


Le Petit Prince Intelligent Robot for Expanding Population in Mars

Le Petit Prince or Little Prince is a robotic greenhouse concept that is specially designed to help the future exploration and expanding population in the Mars. This intelligent robot can carry and take well care of a plant inside its glass container, which is functionally mounted on its four-legged pod. The robot is designed to […]


Porsche Design P’8950 50Y Iconic 3D Sunglasses for Men

Porsche Design has released its latest eyewear: Porsche Design P’ 8950 50Y Iconic 3D Sunglasses. Designed for men, this futuristic look eyewear is manufactured through 3D printing process from titanium powder. It breaks boundaries and sets a new dimension in eyewear design, this is what happen when premium titanium powder meets […]

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