Quno : Future Mobility Concept For The Modularized Residential Environment

Quno is a solution concept for future residential as well as transportation purpose aimed to save the labor cost and diminish construction related wastes. Since this design is for increasing the efficiency of future community, this concept includes Q-houses which offer easy mobility and inevitably harmonized living environment. QUNO, the future transportation vehicle, will be […]


Kvant Motorbike : Combination of Motorcycle and Snowmobile

Kvant is a conceptual motorbike that will enhance the mobility in the snow climate as well as boost the winter sports experience for adventure enthusiasts. This bike is the result of a combination between a motorcycle and a snowmobile that will offer useful help during the snowy weather when people can’t use any other vehicle […]


Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger Fits Your Standard Cup Holder

Claptrap is back, it’s a unique character from Borderlands. CL4P-TP is a general purpose robot manufactured by Hyperion, it’s not just a machine, this robot is programmed with personality that brags frequently yet expresses severe loneliness. Borderlands Claptrap Talking Car Charger wants to bring this cute robot in your car, it fits in your standard cup holder and his eye would […]

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