Minimal Footprint Laptop Stand Gives You More Space On Your Desk

This is a laptop stand that takes up near zero footprint on the desk, freeing up the desktop real estate. This is achieved by the desk clamp design. It is also adjustable in ways to suit different sizes of tabletops. It is tilt-able to angled laptop position, adjustable height, extendable depth. Retractable holder is used […]


ANT Table : Modern Coffee Table by Oliver Nikolic

In recent times, the demand for interior furniture is at its peak. This makes designers use their creativity and come up with a new design every now and then. The latest talk of the town is regarding the new invention, “ANT table”. As the name suggests, ants were the main inspiration behind the creation of […]


Wearbuds: Charge Your Wireless Earbuds Right on Your Wrist

All wireless earbuds are actually not truly wireless since you still have to carry a charging case, right? Aipower wants to eliminate that charging case by releasing Wearbuds, a true wireless earbuds housed in a fitness band. This smart device offers ultimate convenience with astonishing sound, it’s specially designed for ultra portability that includes fitness tracker features. Thanks to its patented design, Wearbuds allows […]

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