Air Shower : Washer and Dryer Shower System Reduces Bath Towel Washing

Air Shower is a concept shower system that combines both washer and dryer so that when you step out of the shower, you’ll be warm and dry. The air shower has been designed to solve the problems we can find in the bathroom like problems of mold, the gap of temperatures between the inside and the outside of the shower, condensation issue where we usually find on the windows or mirror. It’s also ...
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PEEP : Rotating Door Peephole to View All Area Around Your Door

Currently, conventional door peephole doesn’t cover 360-degrees view which allows a thief to hide in a blind spot. PEEP rotating door peephole offers a view of all area around your door, no one can hide from you. You can rotate this concept peephole to get a better view of the surrounding area. It consists of fish-eye lens along with a mirror that wraps the lens for wider and broader view. Nice ...
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Stainless Steel Sensor Mirror by Simplehuman

This stainless steel Sensor Mirror is your smart mirror that lights up every time it detects your face approaching. The light won’t hurt your eyes, it emits natural sunlight to allow you to see full color variation to ensure your make up is color-correct and perfect. It doesn’t use traditional bulb or fluorescent lighting, it is equipped with long-lasting LED to make sure it won’t burn out a...
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Cybertecture Mirror Takes You Into The Future

Would you like to wake up in the morning, brushing your teeth while checking the news, temperature, traffic, stock quotes, or even personal health information from your mirror? Who wouldn’t? Thanks to Cybertecture Mirror, it’s now possible to do so. It’s not just a concept guys, it’s available for the price around $7700. This futuristic mirror enables you to walk into the bathroom, turn on...
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Cosmic Bathroom Collection : All Handles and Controls are Hidden

A clean and sleek look for bathroom is everyone's priority. If you want to upgrade your bathroom with smooth, liner and neat look, then Zen like Bathroom collection from Cosmic can be the right choice. It is amazing to glance at a sharp minimalist bathroom with all hidden functions such as no handles, no controls, and no unnecessary things to clutter the look. Now you do not require tap water beca...
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