Varibike Offers Full Body Workout When Cycling

Varibike offers you a full body workout when cycling, it guarantees you great drive power and variety. What makes this bike different? Well, it makes steering just as accessory instead of necessity, you can turn the bike simply by leaning your body, it will go safely and accurately to the direction indicated with your body movements. It offers you different experience that you will want to do it o...
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Electra Faucet by Valfsel Design Team

Electra Faucet offers you revolutionary design where you can switch to different flow options as easy as pressing a button. This faucet provides you with unique experience as its body has been designed visually attractive, sculpture like object, so elegant. You can pull down the digital sink mixer for freedom in movements while you are washing in the kitchen sinks. The front area of this faucet, y...
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Stylish Janus Halcyon 50 Motorcycle

Janus Halcyon 50 Motorcycle features retro stylish design, back to 1920s. Yes, it was inspired by historical motorcycles that boast simple, stylish and lightweight body that will attract new generation of both male and female riders. This bike is completed with leather saddlebags and seat, gorgeous polished aluminum tanks, hydraulic forks and hand pin-stripping. It’s been designed and developed ...
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Cube Lights by Thomas Young

Cube Lights have been designed for modern minimalist home. Hand crafted from sustainable materials, i.e. steam bent timber and finished non-toxic paint. Colors are subject to clients requests. A Perspex semi translucent screen diffuses a warm light emitted by energy efficient LED strip lighting contained within the cube. Long cord allows freedom for user to move the light around and create one own...
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Enjoy Sitting : Multi Function Seat by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Standing for a long time can make you feel tired, however, even sitting too long can also make you feel the same. Enjoy Sitting is a chair that has been designed to enable people to feel comfortable and relax when sitting on it. The main concept of this project was to offer a freedom of movement by providing a chair that allows its user to sit with different styles: high or low, gather or spread l...
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Tender Capri 13m Boat by Alessandro Pannone Architect

Tender Capri 13m boat is a dream boat designed to provide you the freedom of navigating in the deep blue sea. Designed by an architect, this boat design was inspired by a mythical creature in Greek mytology called Siren, a women-like creature that lured sailors with her sweet singing and enchanting music to shipwreck. According to Greek mytology, these dangerous creatures live near the famous rock...
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UMYD Modular Table by Cruxflux

UMYD Modular Table provides high efficient table management for multiple users as each individual can take a part of this table to be used according to user’s need. UMYD (Union Modular y Democratica) is a highly flexible coffee table as it can be expanded for temporary occupancy. It can be used as a storage, a footrest, or a detachable tables to provide individual freedom. Designer : Cruxflux...
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Workstation Virtual Office Configures Your Working Place Automatically

New ideas and innovation can only emerge in work spaces in which employees have creative freedom, that they can customize and where interaction between colleagues generate positive results. Workstation virtual office works in base of an electronic chip installed in the employees’ smartphones, that when detected by the wireless detectors, configures the working place automatically in the state...
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Nautic Sleeper Floating Caravan Enhances Your Water Sports Fun

You certainly can’t put a luxury cruise ship into the back storage of your car when going out for a water fun, but you can tow it by your car to the water if and only if it is Nautic Sleeper. This floating caravan concept gives you the freedom of enjoying your vacation in a lake, river or even sea by offering a compact and lightweight water shelter that can be easily dragged by your car. The ...
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Bluemask : Smog Mask with Bluetooth

Bluemask offers you not only protection but also Bluetooth connection. The unique features of Bluemask mask provide comfort, freedom, and style. It’s been designed with electro static charges that are very effective in trapping fine dusts and particles even below 0.3 micron. To give freedom while on the move, Bluemask is equipped with Bluetooth device to allow you manage your mobile lifestyle. P...
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Octopus BoardBag for Free Movement

Octopus boardbag designed to give you freedom in movement which you can't achieve it when you always carry a backpack. By employing small suction cupped bag activated by a lever, you can use it on travel for your money, cell phone, or anything (don't worry, the suction is strong enough). Designer: Fredrik Stenstrom...
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