Dual Cut Furniture Piece : Modern Multifunction Furniture by Kitmen Keung

Dual Cut furniture looks like just a rectangular foam block at first, well it actually consists of two 2 L-shaped blocks combined into one. It’s a transformable furniture piece that utilizes simple production process true to the materials in use with minimal wastage. Due to its ergonomic design, these 2 L-shaped blocks can also be […]


Architect Stylus Makes Writing On Touchscreens Smoother Than Ever

Product designer, Pedro Gomes says about Architect Stylus as “The overall design is characterized by simple forms produced in anodized aluminum, giving the product a highly detailed and harmonious feeling.” Made of solid aircraft grade aluminum block, the Architect Stylus is waiting to hit the market soon with the ability to write smooth and efficiently […]


Wearbuds: Charge Your Wireless Earbuds Right on Your Wrist

All wireless earbuds are actually not truly wireless since you still have to carry a charging case, right? Aipower wants to eliminate that charging case by releasing Wearbuds, a true wireless earbuds housed in a fitness band. This smart device offers ultimate convenience with astonishing sound, it’s specially designed for ultra portability that includes fitness tracker features. Thanks to its patented design, Wearbuds allows […]

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