Larchmont Lotus Building Will Be Protected By Futuristic Shading System

Larchmont Lotus, a medical center in Los Angeles has been competed with a wrapper designed by XP& Architecture. The architect designs a cover that servers 2 design purposes at once, first would be cooling the building and the second would be image improvement of the medical center. As the sun moves throughout the day, the façade adjust its metal leaves to regulate the internal temperature of the building. If preferred, the users can override the movement of the system.

Project: Larchmond Lotus
By : XP& Architecture
Project Manager: Judith K. Mussel
Project Designer & Architect: Judith K. Mussel
Design Team: Seung Chul Song, Gunther Schatz, Mona Marbach

Larchmont Lotus Shading System by XP & Architecture

Larchmont Lotus Shading System by XP & Architecture

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