Larchmont Lotus Building Will Be Protected By Futuristic Shading System

Larchmont Lotus, a medical center in Los Angeles has been competed with a wrapper designed by XP& Architecture. The architect designs a cover that servers 2 design purposes at once, first would be cooling the building and the second would be image improvement of the medical center. As the sun moves throughout the day, the fa├žade adjust its metal leaves to regulate the internal temperature of the building. If preferred, the users can override the movement of the system.

Project: Larchmond Lotus
By : XP& Architecture
Project Manager: Judith K. Mussel
Project Designer & Architect: Judith K. Mussel
Design Team: Seung Chul Song, Gunther Schatz, Mona Marbach

Larchmont Lotus Shading System by XP & Architecture

Larchmont Lotus Shading System by XP & Architecture

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