Modern Steam Stove-Top Tea Maker by Hakan Gursu

Reflecting upon tea culture in east, Steam features stacking teapots specially designed for tea preparation. It is a stove-top tea maker that brews tea by passing hot water pressurized by steam through stacked kettles. When desired amount is collected in upper part, switch on top is turned to stop water transfer. Serving is made using […]


Emotive Teapot Enhances Socio Cultural Bond with the Power of Innovative Tea Serving

The emotive teapot concept has been designed by embedding the inspiration of social and cultural meanings of drinking tea in Asia. The main goal of the project was to synchronize the practice of serving tea for one another by making it able to be poured from both sides, allowing people pour the cup mutually, which […]


Wearbuds: Charge Your Wireless Earbuds Right on Your Wrist

All wireless earbuds are actually not truly wireless since you still have to carry a charging case, right? Aipower wants to eliminate that charging case by releasing Wearbuds, a true wireless earbuds housed in a fitness band. This smart device offers ultimate convenience with astonishing sound, it’s specially designed for ultra portability that includes fitness tracker features. Thanks to its patented design, Wearbuds allows […]

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