Bell&Bell Spice Container by Minwoo Lee

This submission is really interesting, Bell&Bell spice container from Minwoo Lee. As you can guess the design of this container was inspired by a hand bell, beautifully translated into dining table accessory. You can use Bell&Bell as salt and pepper container where each set consists of 2 containers that have been carved with “salt” or […]


Klassiker Lounge Chair by Minwoo Lee

Klassiker lounge chair is the first attempt from Minwoo Lee to design a comfortable lounge chair. Well, from the images, it does look pretty comfortable to sit on. Text from the designer : Klassiker Chair is the first lounge chair designed by Minwoo Lee. There is no other objet has more memories of human body […]


Portable Norshire Mini Tire Inflator Produces Pressure as High as 174psi

Introducing, smallest and most portable tire inflator, Norshire Mini. It’s an innovative device designed and developed by engineers and innovators who always want to make a difference. This time, they decided to develop a car accessory with minimalist philosophy. Noreshire Mini is claimed to be world’s smallest tire inflator with […]

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