Eco-Bin Trash Bin by Stephen Reon Francisco

If we can’t get rid of plastic shopping or grocery bag, let’s just find some other ways to have it useful in a more Eco-friendly way. Recycling them can be one of the best things to do. The Eco-Bin is a green trash bin design from a Filipino industrial designer Stephen Reon Francisco. This trash […]


AMMI : Mobile Marketing Intelligent Appliance For Future House

This technology creation is a dream of every housewife. AMMI is a mobile marketing intelligent appliance that has the ability to travel to and from the supermarket to fulfill our everyday grocery needs. Designers keep trying to introduce a new way of shopping based on growing advanced technology, this design is one of them. AMMI […]


WORSPODAY Emergency Survival Kit in One Compact Waterproof Case

Almost all emergency essentials are packed inside WORSPODAY Emergency Survival Kit. It’s a great kit to have when you love camping, fishing, hiking, or just doing outdoor activities. This kit is the upgraded version, it consists of upgraded folding knife, emergency blanket, swiss card multitool, flashlight, whistle, flint fire starter, and tactical pen. The Swiss card 11-in-1 multitool offers many functions such as […]

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