Living Pots Sustainable Cultivation Units for Organic Farming

In order to reduce tree consumption, DesignNobis has come up with concept Living Pots sustainable cultivation units which consist of 100% recyclable and re-used materials. Each unit is made out of simple metal and scrap pieces of log, it can be folde...
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Eco-Bench From DesignNobis

Eco-Bench, produced from recyclable materials, is a very practical seating group with its’ ease of assembly and stocking. We're not sure why this bench is not part of Ecoseries furniture set, while it has the similarity with other furniture pieces....
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Triton Eco-Friendly Warning System by Dr. Hakan Gursu from DesignNobis

Triton eco-friendly warning system is a great alternative marine equipment to be used as guidance system at the sea. It’s been designed as a self-sustained system, this device takes advantage of the sun and wind power as its main power source. T...
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Innovative Ecoseries Furniture Set That Everyone Can Have

Ecoseries furniture set design consists of a table and chairs. The chairs are combinations of plywood and thick rope, forming the simple geometry and assuring the necessary comfort. In fact, you can assemble this set, repair and disassemble anytime ...
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Pet Tree Vertical Eco Planting System for Urban Farming with Limited Space

Pet Tree Vertical eco planting system has won Green Dot Awards and International Design Awards for its ingenious system. It utilizes re-used PET bottles by structuring these bottles into a unique tree-like shape that features an innovative water circ...
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Satellite Multifunctional Grater Can Spread Its Wings When Needed

Satellite multifunctional grater is a kitchen product aiming to easing the grating process by making it more fun. It stands out with its ergonomic and hygienic design among other graters that are hard to use and clean kitchenware kind. Satellite m...
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D-Eco Bricks : Reusing Plastic Waste To Create Beautiful Wall Decor

D-Eco Bricks are used in eco sensitive applications. If 4-6 part of used plastic element were assembled and molded it is simple create 3-d brick structure. It can be re-used in effective ways and creates a new prospect in carbon free as well as eco-d...
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PURE : Fruits – Vegetables Purifier and Dryer

PURE has been designed to provide solution for environmental problems. It gives an aesthetic solution as well as an easier and standardized customer interface. Efficient use of water is done using this system. This product aims to compensate clean-u...
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Beetling Airport Seat Design Features Dual Transparent Layers Body

Beetling is an airport traveler seat which is designed to meet the needs for waiting passengers. It has an elegant and transparent design that builds an advertising region that will be in sight of the passengers. The dual transparent layers of the bo...
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Power Tower Wooden Toy Design by DesignNobis

Dr. Hakan Gursu, an exceptional product designer, instructor in METU and CEO of Designnobis has come up with an excellent project, Power Tower. It is a wooden toy set meant for children aged 5 and above, who relish making sand palaces on the beach. T...
Posted in » Games and Toys

SÜZ-GEÇ Indispensable Kitchen Appliance

SÜZ-GEÇ has put an end to the problems caused due to the traditional funnel used as an indispensible kitchen appliance. Formed by the habitué funnel cut into 2 pieces vertically, the only difference between the 2 funnels is that one does the same ...
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