InTime, New Way to Watch Time

InTime is a new way to know the time, kinda weird at first, well the designer said that this is a bracelet watch. Time is running around your hand. Thats why you InTime! You can see your future(up) and past (down), real time is showed at center of hand(marked by line ). OLED display, semi transparent plastic, usb (recharging- or small star battery).

in time watch concept

Designer : Ilya Tkach

EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car for Mega Cities with Open Scissor Doors

Since more people are going to the big cities, consequently, the city roads would be crowded with vehicles, and many of them are solo drivers. EOssc2 a.k.a EO smart connecting car 2 is a conceptual micro vehicle that wants to answer the challenge of limited parking space in mega cities. This project aims to eliminate big cars which are used by only single individuals, it offers small, comfortable, and safe cars with electric drive train, a modular electric robot car.

EOssc2 features big windows to provide you with good perception of your surrounding while the intuitive user interface provides easy access to all drive modes this car has to offer. It is equipped with high-tech computer and auto navigation system for extensive driver assistance functions. You’ll be happy to know the autonomous parking system helps you park in narrow or congested roads, it has the ability to turn on the spot, you can drive normally or diagonally or even sideways, pretty cool huh?

Designer : DFKI RIC

EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car for Mega Cities

EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car for Mega Cities

One problem that is usually dealt with e-car is the charging cable. To tackle this issue, this car uses versatile, foldable docking interface that is constructed to fit exactly into the body of the car where you can also connect it to extension modules.

EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car for Mega Cities

EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car for Mega Cities

C-Leg, Leg Prosthesis from Otto Bock

Until recently prostheses could only be matched roughly to the wearer ? if the proportions and measurements seemed to fit, the aid was considered suitable for that person?s future life. Over the last couple of decades design has helped create an entirely new awareness, and modern prostheses are sophisticated high-tech products that facilitate both mobility and a self-determined life. Natural movements are imitated with the help of intelligent technology, movements that get very close to those of the human leg. However, since prostheses will always remain something artificial to their wearer, it is equally important from a holistic point of view to also address the aesthetic needs of people who have lost a limb.

c-leg, otto bock, leg prosthesis

The C-Leg is an innovative, completely microprocessor-controlled leg prosthesis system that helps people who have undergone transfemoral amputation to achieve a new degree of safety and dynamics. The new C-Leg has been upgraded and expanded with many innovative features. It combines both years of experience and the intelligent use of modern technologies with a clear design of elegant appearance. The C-Leg features a wireless remote control that lets users easily switch between different settings, e.g. for walking, bicycling or inline-skating, as well as make individual fine adjustments to the hydraulic system. No matter at what speed and on what ground the user is walking, the C-Leg reacts in real time to the gait circumstances, ensuring not only natural movements but also offering a high amount of mobility and independence with every step. With its aesthetic and clear language of form, the C-Leg contributes to the well being of its wearers ? thus allowing them to bear their disability with greater self-confidence.

Source : Otto Bock HealthCare

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