Bluejay Smart Car Mount Uses Powerful Magnet to Hold Your Phone

Just in case you prefer smarter car mount instead of conventional one, you might find Bluejay interesting. The company claims it’s world’s first smart mount that connect to your smartphone wirelessly via beacon technology with an integrated mobil...
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+- : Flatpack Wooden Table Organization Docking Station

+- is designed in a way that supports and helps one in organizing a better work space by placing their phones and iPad in location along with the required daily accessories including pen drives, keys, coins, money etc. on the work desk. Intelligent m...
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FreezTHAT! Ice Tray Fast Freezes Just About Anything in Less Than 10 Minutes

One can find numerous ice trays on the market with various mold shapes. But the overall making ice experience remain the same. This ice tray redefines the whole ice making experience. A group of award-winning designers at THAT! rethink and redesign t...
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2-in-1 Sprayman by Scheurich

Started as a concept, now, this 2-in-1 Sprayman is available for purchase. It’s a simple watering container yet it serves 2 functions: plant watering container and sprayer. The long spout allows you to easily pour water onto plants while the spray ...
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Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount Holder Hands-on Review

Winnergear has sent us a Montar Air Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount Holder for hands-on review. Made in Korea, this phone holder doesn’t look like those cheap, flimsy holders, it feels pretty solid and durable, the weight is just nice. Designed espe...
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SCALE Retractable Roller Ball by Shigeru Ban

Shigeru Ban has designed a unique retractable roller ball point pen for Acme Studio. In this digital world, computer generated images have become the norm, however, drawing is still an essential skill in the life of a designer, including architect. T...
Posted in » Accessories, Architecture

+Winter Insoles Keep Your Feet Toasty Warm

+t has developed +Winter to keep your feet toasty warm in long and cold winter days. It’s a set of rechargeable insoles, lightweight and super thin. You can slot these insoles inside your favorite shoes and turn them on, their cutting-edge technolo...
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Stay by Makoto Shibuya

Seeking to solve the loose cable problem that we can all relate to, Architectural Designer, Makoto Shibuya set out on designing an elegant solution of his own. The architectural inspiration behind Stay is clear, as it elegantly leverages the weight o...
Posted in » Accessories

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse Features Customizable OLED Display and Tactile Alerts

SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse is equipped with customizable OLED display, customizable tactile alerts, and swappable physical components. The company claims that due all of these features, this mouse can be said the most powerful gaming mouse in...
Posted in » Accessories, Games and Toys

Porsche Design 911 Soundbar Is Made with Original Silencer and Twin Exhaust of Porsche 911 GT3

Are you a Porsche lover? You probably would love having 911 Soundbar even though it might not fit with your current modern home décor. Porsche Design has designed and developed 911 Soundbar that features 2.1 virtual surround system subwoofer boost c...
Posted in » Accessories, Gadgets

STEP UP – Light Chair to Light Up The Party

STEP UP is an innovative design which posses a LED light emitting seating portion, featured mainly for club use and night parties. This concept chair is made from light and durable white polyethylene and is illuminated by a color LED heart. Below the...
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Stikbox : iPhone Case with Built-In Expandable Selfie Stick

There was a time when selfie stick is considered as useless invention as people feel weird to take pictures of themselves. But nowadays, people seem to carry this special stick in their bag/pocket everywhere, ready to take selfie whenever, wherever t...
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SkyDeck : New In-flight Entertainment That Allows Passengers to Enjoy Aircraft’s External Environment While in Flight

Winspeed Technologies introduces a revolutionary in-flight entertainment product, SkyDeck. It’s an innovative system designed specifically to provide passengers with jaw-dropping view of the aircraft’s external environment while in flight, it tak...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Wrench Aesthetics : A Set of Minimalist Wrenches You Can Carry In Your Pocket

Gorgeous! Wrench Aesthetics offers you a set of minimalist wrenches that you can carry in your pocket. If you are drawn to the simplicity of things, these tools are for you. Wrench Aesthetics has simplified the shape of the typical wrench and improve...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

The YardStash III : Portable, Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage with Full Top and Bottom Zippers

YardStash III is the third version of a top selling outdoor storage YardStash. Just like GazeBox, this product provides you with a platform to protect your bike, except this one is more practical in our opinion. Unlike GazeBox that uses polycarbonate...
Posted in » Accessories, Bike, Designs and Concepts, Outdoors

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