Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light Emits Bright, Natural Soft Light for Great Photos or Movies

Capturing images or videos, you need a lot of light for great result, therefore, Nikon introduces Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light to provide you with great, natural soft light anytime of the day. This lighting accessory comes with $100 price label, convenient to take anywhere especially if you are a mobile photographer. The bracket can be removed from the movie light just in case you want to adjust the angle or height of lighting to get optimal result regardless the camera’s position. Unlike ...
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HELMMATE : Saddle and Helmet Protection Designed by Passionate Bikers

HELMMATE protects both your helmet and your saddle, it keeps your saddle dry and your helmet safe. When passionate bikers joined forces to design something to solve the problem they have to deal when it comes to placing the helmet when not riding, well, you can bet the result would be great. This problem can be solved with HELMMATE, you don’t want to carry your helmet around nor leave it on your bike and get stolen, so, why not lock it on the saddle. When it rains or snows, this brilliant desi...
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Rubbee Electric Drive Transforms Regular Bicycle to E-Bike

Turn any conventional bike into an electric one by attaching Rubbee Electric Drive for Bicycle. It’s a friction drive module which fits on most standard bicycles in the market, with a top speed of 25km.h and 25km range, it’s a great solution to your daily ride. All aluminum parts are CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, the clamp mechanism allows you to mount it on your bike in few seconds and enjoy the ride without having to pedal for more than 15 miles. The integrated battery managem...
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Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle Concept by Nick Rhea

Nick Rhea is the designer of Aquabot, a lid that turns ordinary water bottles into a pressurized one. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, the idea came to him during a backpacking trip in Alaska where he thought there’s got to be a better and easier way to clean up his gear and his body. That’s when he noticed other people in the group used a wide-mouth water bottle. Aquabot transforms most bottles into a nice pressurized device to provide you with the convenience of a faucet, shower, water fount...
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Clasp Lenscap Concept by Hrishikesh Kogje

There is a rule followed by photographers: 'Always keep the lenscap in the right back pocket'!. The reason is that they keep losing the lenscap every other month!! Clasp, a new lenscap design, tries to solve this problem of misplacing the lenscap for all users. It does so by keeping it attached with the camera whether it's being used or not. So its 'Un-misplace-able'. When the camera is in use the lenscap gets securely attached to the bottom of the camera at the place where a tripod is attach...
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MiniRocket iGlow from Topeak to Keep You Safe While Cycling

MiniRocket iGlow from Topeak has won a 2013 Red Dot Design Award, it’s a mini pump with integrated integral glow technology to alert other users. It’s a brilliant design to keep cyclist safe at night or any low visibility conditions. There’s on-off button to activate the light, an illuminated optical fiber element is kept inside transparent barrel, it transforms the pump body into bright light to alert other passing vehicles. It weighs only 67 grams, it won’t make your bike feels heavier...
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Stylish Stainless Steel Kershaw Nail Clipper by KAI

Who would’ve thought nail clipper can be so sexy and stylish like this one from KAI? Well, Kershaw nail clipper is one of sleek nail clippers out there, the stainless steel material is so thin and slim that it only measures 6.9cm x 1.3cm x 0.4cm and weighs only 16.5 grams. When collapsed, it looks like one of your stylish USB flash disks. Made in Japan, this clipper can be yours for 4200 Yen, it comes with leather case. We also notice you can actually purchase a stylish clipper, similar to thi...
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Piqnique : Cutlery Leather Holder by Jenny Hsu

Piqnique concept has won the first place of the Parsons the New School for Design competition. The brief was to transform leather off-cuts into cool retail worthy products for both home and office, and Jenny Hsu’s work nailed it. This competition marks the 3rd year in a row where Poltrona Frau, Italian manufacturer, has sponsored coursework at Parsons. Students had been given 7 weeks to design and develop prototype of their products. Piqnique is an extension of your domestic dining experien...
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Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet for Triple Aught Design

You can wear this Micro Hatchet around your neck and carry it with you everywhere, cute yet functional when needed. Joseph Bowen, the designer, has designed and developed his unique idea into reality, a hatchet which can be carried around your neck. You would get a fine craftsmanship through great engineering and the use of this cool blade. The benefit of Micro Hatchet is that you can easily use it with one hand and due to its design centering the force of impact into the middle of the blade, yo...
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S.H.O.V.E.L. by SparkFun Electronics

Good people from SparkFun Electronics has designed S.H.O.V.E.L., a nice little semi-horned oblong versatile eating ladle. It’s a spoon slash fork, you can also use the other side as bottle cap opener, serrated knife, along with 6-feet red paracord wrap around the titanium body. No patens pending for this design, yes, it’s open-sourced, so you can just download all the design files on their site. The company tries to show the world that the idea of open source can also be applied to just abou...
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Musguard Rollable Bike Fender Keeps Your Back Clean for Water and Mud While Riding Your Bike

Jurij Lozić, a Slovenian designer, is the person behind this innovative Musguard. The inspiration came when this designer studied in Milan, Italy 5 years ago, he was looking for removable fender for his fixed gear bike but couldn’t find it, so … as a product designer, he created one. From the first prototype, he got lots of positive feedbacks from other bikers. The idea behind Musguard is actually simple yet brilliantly protects your back when you ride your bike. It’s rollable bike fen...
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The Union Wallet by Madera

Union Wallet combines the elegance and warmth of wood and versatility of elastomer, a slim wallet that you can carry conveniently. This wallet serves its purpose smartly and age gracefully as time goes by, can you say the same with your current wallet? It holds your cash, cards, coins, keys, and other small slim items comfortably, fitted with an aluminum plate inside the wood face to protect your RF activated cards. However if you wanted to carry a bunch of cards, this wallet wouldn’t be en...
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Business Flag : Business Card Holder by Jiho Jung

The Business Flag is a business card holder that looks like a flag. There are four magnets on the top of the Business Flag that you can use to attach a card to the pole. You may use as much magnets as you need to hold the business card. There is a flat part of pole to hold a business card on the upper middle of the body which is available in various colors and materials depending on the situation. Place the Business Flag on your office desk, it looks pretty cool, however, we can see the probl...
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Innopocket Bumper for iPhone 5 by Andrea Ponti

Beautiful electro-hardened Innopocket Bumper is especially designed for iPhone 5 by Andrea Ponti. It’s constructed from a solid aerospace aluminum block that features anti-scratch electro-hardening finishing, it’s 40 percent lighter than titanium yet twice as hard. The surface is shock absorbing and bend resistant, a case design that combines both function and art. Eco-friendly at its best, all material is recyclable, it’s safe and comfortable thanks to its asymmetrical ergonomic design an...
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Minimal Footprint Laptop Stand Gives You More Space On Your Desk

This is a laptop stand that takes up near zero footprint on the desk, freeing up the desktop real estate. This is achieved by the desk clamp design. It is also adjustable in ways to suit different sizes of tabletops. It is tilt-able to angled laptop position, adjustable height, extendable depth. Retractable holder is used to hold the laptop in angled position. The hole openings on the back can be used for better and neater cable organization. And non slip material is used for padding in conta...
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