Zen PC Design for The Visually Impaired

A new innovation in PC Design for the visually impaired called Zen. The concept of Zen is a hardware called the ‘Sandbox PC’ and Zen edition operating system working together to create a computing environment that can be used with eyes closed. ZEN is for ?Z-axis Enabled,? meaning it is a truly interactive 3D computer. The Sandbox PC features Active Surface, an electronic surface that can take different physical shape and can be manipulated by the user. You can read Braille text on it, make out windows, icons, and different textures. You can press into the surface, or scratch it with your fingers. All input output is made with the sense of touch. ZEN software uses a Tactile User Interface (TUI). The visually impaired are a negated market. It is fitting, then, to bring them to light using the negated sense of touch, by introducing a negated dimension of depth.

zen pc for the visually impaired

future zen pc for the visually impaired

futuristic zen pc for the visually impaired

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