“Yo” : MP3 Player Dock with Removable Speakers

Instead of taking your music player for an outing how would it be if you just need to take your ipod or MP3? Yes you can enjoy the same loud music through your ipod with the help of Yo stereo speakers by American designer Victor Vetterlein. YO is a portable MP3 player dock with removable speakers. Due to its compatibility it could be taken anywhere just as your ipod or MP3 player. It is fitted with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that can either be charged through power supply or simply by wind or solar energy. Removable rods mounted at the top provide an easy handling.

yo mp3 player dock

yo mp3 player dock

From Victor Vetterlein :
Introducing ‘YO’ – an iPod and MP3 stereo speaker dock by Victor Vetterlein

YO is a rechargeable and wireless stereo speaker docking station for digital audio players. The system is portable, waterproof, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Inside the dock base are lithium-ion (rechargeable) batteries that are capable of powering the stereo system for hours when the unit is disconnected from a power source. The design intention is that a renewable energy source such as solar power, wind power, or hydroelectricity charges the battery packs when the stereo is not in use.

The speakers also contain lithium-ion batteries in their base, and recharge when placed in the stereo base portals. The batteries also provide high-density ballast enabling the speakers to stand upright when removed from the charging ports.

The speaker enclosure is designed to amplify sound. The speakers are mounted in the rear of the speaker housing. Similar to a megaphone, the front portion of the speaker enclosure is extruded to increase and direct sound.

Two removable rods are mounted between the stereo speakers to stabilize the stereo assembly and provide a lifting handle when the unit is transported.

yo mp3 player dock

yo mp3 player dock

yo mp3 player dock

Designer : Victor Vetterlein via Dezeen

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One thought on ““Yo” : MP3 Player Dock with Removable Speakers

  1. Does this product actually exist? Would love to

    try it out, but afraid to ask how much it cost.

    Very nice concept and design. Also, what mp3

    players would be compatible. I have a Zen.

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