YiAhn Transformable Bassinet

YiAhn (pronounced “e-ahn”) is not just ordinary bassinet. It can adapt to keep pace the changing needs of a growing child. Designed by Chul Min, Kang as a gift for his new born, this bassinet was designed to meet the needs of each growth phase of the baby. When the baby outgrows the bassinet, YiAhn can be reused as entirely different products after a simple process of transformation.

yiahn bassinet

yiahn baby bassinet

Due to the fast growth of the baby, a bassinet itself can only be used only for three months. However, this bassinet can be reused as storage equipment (for example, as a toy bin and a mini bookshelf with drawers) once the first need (bassinet) is outgrown. As the toddler becomes a child, it can also be converted into a chair and table set for children. It is very easy to change the shape of the furniture; simple folding, with no use of tools, allows the piece of furniture to transform into new products. It can also be used as a bassinet again if the family has a second baby.

yiahn modular bassinet

Designer : Kang Chul Min

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One thought on “YiAhn Transformable Bassinet

  1. Like the idea of reusing the bassinet! Baby grows fast and most of the times we can only use it once. Sometime we would like to keep them for a second baby, but due to space storage problem, we have to throw away or pass it to our relatives.

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