XiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk Concept for Low-Income Families Who Live in A Big City

XiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk concept has been designed to help low-income families to adapt to life in a big city. It’s a special vehicle that doubles as mobile kiosk where user can drive around to take care their family as well as set up a kiosk business wherever they deem a good space for business. You can drive to the market to buy ingredients, driving around the town, drop off your partner/wife/husband to their workplace, then find a crowded place to open your food/coffee kiosk. XiaoChi is setup to make sure that owner can have a place to sit down and take a break when they are tired.

XiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk by Ky Luca

XiaoChi Mobile Kiosk concept by Ky Luca features industrial-style design, simple, and practical. It combines black and white color to boost its contrast and attracts customers to spot the kiosk.

When XiaoChi is in Working mode, customers can choose to eat in the rest area or take out. There’s sound system under the snack cart to play music or some advertisements. This food kiosk is designed with main focus on its balance between style and practical usage, the width of this vehicle fits most street situations and even narrow areas. Both sides of this kiosk can be expanded to serve more customers. The back door area can be used as a menu board, it uses material similar to a black board so that the owner can easily update the menu of the day.

XiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk by Ky Luca

XiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk by Ky Luca

More images of XiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk:
XiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk by Ky LucaXiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk by Ky LucaXiaoChi Mobile Food Kiosk by Ky Luca

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