X-Idea XCell Electric Motorcycle Concept Features Holographic Projection Technology

Utilizing holographic projection technology, X-Idea XCell Electric Motorcycle Concept is able to produce 3D images of objects, helping the rider to understand their riding environment in more a three-dimensional way. Through the combination of holographic technology, TFT display, higher brightness, fast response time, better contrast, they all deliver a smoother picture to enhance your riding experience.

XCELL is equipped with smart active safety system, it provides riders with timely obstacle feedback based on road conditions. This smart system provides you with blind bend prediction for cars, pedestrians, other vehicles, and obstacles.

X-Idea XCell Electric Motorcycle by Lu Xiang

X-Idea Industrial Design Co. promises XCELL would deliver a top speed of more than 200km/h and a range of 200km. Connect a wearable device, the scope of 3D environment can be fully expanded where riders can make advance predictions for a safer ride. Together with laser headlights and a night-vision-assisted driving system, they would make night driving safer. The riding triangle (seat, bar, footpeg) can be adjusted to achieve ergonomic riding state. The rider can choose between “sport”, “leisure”, or “comfort” positions, simply set the mode through electronic directional adjustment of the handlebar, pedals, and saddle.

Futuristic XCELL is equipped with supercapacitor combined with lithium to create a power system that keeps hydrogen in solid form for improved safety. We know that hydrogen is more abundant in sources, as it uses water as its only emission. By using hydrogen as EXCELL’s fuel, it becomes even more environmentally friendly.

X-Idea XCell Electric Motorcycle by Lu Xiang

X-Idea XCell Electric Motorcycle by Lu Xiang

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