Wristify : A Bracelet That Heats and Cools You by Embr Labs

Well, want to stay cool in the summer? Or keep warm in winter? Apparently Embr Labs has made great attempt to make your dream come true. Wristify is the first bracelet that heats and cools you, it will regulating your body temperatures, saving you loads of your hard earned money on energy costs. When you are in a room shared by many people with varying temperature comfort levels, there’s a possibility where heaters run in one room and cooling units in another, this is an expensive problem for both bank accounts and environment. Keeping this in mind, the design teams tries to address this issue by designing an individual temperature control in a form of stylish bracelet. It has the ability to regulate temperature of its wearer rather than modifying an entire space.

Designer : Embr Labs

Wristify Wearable Thermostat by Embr Labs

Wristify Wearable Thermostat by Embr Labs

The design of Wristify features minimalist and discreet shape to ensure individual comfort without having to spend high cost or waste energy. This single bracelet works by sending cooling or warming waves to its thermoreceptors on the surface of the skin. The process creates similar effect that you feel when you dip your toes into a cool swimming pool or place a warm washcloth on your forehead. Your body responds to the contact and gently adjusting its own temperature.

Wristify Wearable Thermostat by Embr Labs

Wristify emits soft blue light when cooling you and warm orange light when heating you up. This design is actually based on bracelet by award winning designer Niccolo Casas. Simply press the button to turn it on, it will instantly send soothing waves of heating or cooling to wrist, thus, leading to body-wide sensation.

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