World’s Lightest Chessboard

A good news for chess lovers and at the same time travelers too, this is the world’s lightest game board, an inventive breakthrough in play on flat surfaces.

It allows flat game pieces to stand up on the board with a full 3-D effect. The pieces can’t be blown away or shaken out! The pieces move only when you want to move them. Another design innovation allows a checker piece to turn into a king simply by rotating it to show its crown.

new wave chess and checker

New Wave tm Chess & Checkers is highly portable and can be played anywhere, indoors or outdoors. ?Extreme? chess or checkers can even be played during an earthquake! You can stop the game, travel with it or store it without fear that the position of the pieces will be disturbed.

world's lightest new wave chess and checker

new wave chess and checker

This company definitely break the image of heavy chessboard by creating this portable game board. Boring moment is a no if you have this game board with you.

From : Paradoxy Product

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