Work and Play with InTouch Cell Phone Concept

InTouch cell phone concept is part of Samsung Global Design Project, designed by a group with the member of Christina Droira, Lindsey Pickett and Molly Vivian-Coburn. They chose to explore the future of communication because they noticed a compelling opportunity area for a specific group of people, young professionals and recent college graduates (age 20-28, city dwellers). Privacy is a major problem with these individuals. It is almost impossible to count on having a private environment since most have to deal with roommates, riding public transportation, and sitting in a cubicle at work.

intouch samsung cell phone concept

intouch samsung cell phone concept

InTouch cell phone concept offers young professionals that seamless transition between work and play. This cell phone concept was greatly inspired by technology that NASA is currently developing for the purpose of improving communication among astronauts while in space. Sub vocal speech is a technology that senses and translates throat signals into words without the need for them to be audibly spoken by a person.

The user can mouth or lip words silently have them translated into text or a synthesized voice. This allows the user to have privacy in almost any environment that they are in for phone calls, text messages, and emails.

intouch samsung cell phone concept

intouch samsung cell phone concept

Designer : Christina Droira, Lindsey Pickett and Molly Vivian-Coburn

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