WITness Watch Design by Hay Heun

During ancient times, people used to read time with there bare eyes by observing the position of the sun. Later on, through various developments, we are now using time devices to read the time change, but still our eyes are the key witness of the changing times. WITness is a concept timepiece that was built to demonstrate the unavoidable relationship between the eyes and the time. This device can be powered up by pressing the side buttons for 2 seconds and it will go back in standby mode automatically. Standby mode is designed to save energy by using only 35% of the LED power. It comprises a flexible bracelet type watchband and a quick locking system for easy and efficient wearing.

WITness watch

WITness watch

WITness watch

WITness watch

Designer : Hay Heun

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9 thoughts on “WITness Watch Design by Hay Heun

  1. however you need to work on the logo and typeface.. its actually degrading the look of the product.. I'd try to make it feel more high end like Nixon watches..

  2. I think it would be a great idea but I would only buy it if under $100. It is good for estimating the time which I normally do but you would get used to, for example, where ten minutes was roughly and then you would know the time from that point. I would buy it as it seems very fashionable.

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